Below is a written piece by Elisabeth Becker, one of our 2016 Leadership Development Training graduates, and a gifted grief coach. As January at COR is all about new beginnings, Elisabeth is sharing about having a new beginning around her finances:
Hello dear COR community and beyond. I will begin by saying what Britta invited us to practice this month in the last newsletter: “I am open to receive the gifts this day will bring!”.

As I type this, I am also taking a posture in my body that feels open to receive energetically, with an open chest, a straight spine, and deep breathing. This is supporting me now because what I’m about to share is vulnerable and risky for me. In this lovely new year of 2018, I am jumping into the unknown and declaring a new beginning with my relationship to money.

I have been in the world of transformation and healing since I was 8 years old. I have taken many workshops and invested in all kinds of healing modalities. But it isn’t until now, at the ripe age of 33, that I am open and willing to get support in getting to the core of having a new and healthy relationship with money.
The moment I found out Britta was offering coaching and guidance to individuals to be featured on her new podcast, I immediately knew that I wanted to receive support with healing my relationship with money. I have never found a teacher and community that combines spirituality, science, and many forms of effective transformational modalities like they do here at COR. Britta knows how to get to the core and do deep healing. I am both terrified and deeply grateful that there is a willingness inside of me to turn towards this aspect of my life.

To give you a little background, my relationship with money has been a long distance relationship and one filled with extreme pain and deep-seeded trauma from my childhood. The messages I received about money over and over as a child was there is not enough money, money causes anxiety and conflict, and in some way, money is connected to my mom going away either through deep depression or death. This is why I have had a long distance relationship with money.
Money reminds me of some of the most painful memories of my childhood of my mother threatening to commit suicide and give me all the money. It also reminds me of the things I can’t have now. Yet I believe the reality is, money is a made up thing. It is paper, it is numbers, it is an exchange of energy.

With the loving guidance of Britta on our call together, I got to take on a beginners mind and get to the core of my current relationship with money. I asked her for support with establishing a new healthy relationship with money that is based in reality, connected, abundant, and filled with consistent loving attention. She provided this support fully and powerfully.


I learned that the pathway to receiving this new healthy relationship with money for me is to open to Spirit and ask for guidance from above. To surrender and connect with my healthy self and feel into my pain. To follow this thread of pain to find my core wounded self or my inner child part, listen and heal this part through compassion, kindness, acceptance, and unconditional love. Then move forward and take the next steps toward receiving what I want.


The next steps I took immediately after this podcast was praying, writing money relationship vows, and making a money love song. I have done many more next steps since this podcast and I am already receiving magic and miracles in the form of gifts from friends to support my money healing journey, new private coaching clients, and most importantly an ongoing sense of hope and openness to what this new beginning will bring this year. I feel supported and held in the most profound way.


With this, I declare that in the near future I will be financially free. Financially free for me is being in a place where my passive or residual income is greater than or equal to my living expenses. Financial freedom is staying open to receive abundance flowing into my life with ease and grace. Financial freedom is when I have reached a place where money is no longer an issue and I feel at peace. I am free to do what I want and I am generous with what I have.


Thank you Britta, and thank you dear reader for witnessing me and supporting me. I am forever grateful and deeply humbled.


In Service,

If you are interested in participating in Elisabeth’s upcoming “Grief, Healing, and New Beginnings”, one day workshop on Saturday, March 17, 2018 in San Francisco, follow this link to find out more information and purchase your ticket at or for other info about her services.