Women’s Immersion Weekend

Embrace Yourself and Rediscover Your Wholeness as a Woman


  • Release old ideas and beliefs about what it means to be a woman. Instead, come home to who YOU are as a woman
  • Reconnect with your body and heart in the busyness of day to day life
  • Connect to an inner strength, peace, and wisdom that cannot be shaken
  • Release the pains that are weighing heavy on your heart
  • Connect to healthy sisterhood — where all of you is welcome
  • Renew your inner fountain of aliveness
  • Experience acceptance for the parts of yourself you may have shunned or tried to get rid of
  • Understand the gifts and gold you bring to this world
  • Gently relax the walls you have put up to safely share yourself vulnerably and connect authentically.
  • Get a breakthrough that gives respite from your familiar patterns.
  • Connect to the goodness and wisdom of your body.

What Women Are Saying About This Work

“This Women’s Immersion Weekend was an opportunity to gently tend to some wounds that would otherwise get repressed in the busy-ness of day to day life.”

I’ve always found it easier to tap into my more masculine traits like high work intensity, competitiveness, and matter of fact communication. These traits have helped me become a successful leader and executive, but they’ve sometimes left me feeling unbalanced — in both personal and professional situations.

With COR, I’ve become much more aligned with the ease and flow of my feminine power that had been there all along. I feel as if I’m a better manager and leader, as well as wife and friend because I’m able to show up fully in the world in an authentic and healthy way that encompasses all of who I am as a woman.”


“I tapped into a part of myself and my feelings that I’m not sure I had ever accessed before. There were hurts I didn’t realize I harbored, anger that needed to be expressed, tears that needed to fall, and thanks that wanted to be given. I felt so comfortable being myself within this space and with these women, that I was finally able to see everything that I had hidden even from myself.”


“Before COR, I felt like I could never ask for what I wanted because my feelings and needs didn’t matter as much as everyone else’s. At the Women’s Immersion Weekend, I was given the tools to literally get to the core of my true self.

I discovered that I have a warrior inside of me that’s just as powerful as my sweet, feminine side. I learned to integrate both sides of myself so now I have the strength to set boundaries and communicate my needs in a healthy way. This has been life-changing for me. My relationship with my husband and children has never been better.”


Women’s Immersion Weekend Details

LOCATION: All sessions held on Zoom. Links will be sent after registration. We recommend that you create a quiet and private space away from family, responsibilities, and interruption.

PREPARATION & INTEGRATION GUIDES: Registration includes our tailored processes for creating your workshop sanctuary, planning the space in your calendar, and setting your intentions. Also included: after the workshop, you’re invited to the Reunion Call where you will check-in about how you are integrating what you learned and experienced into your everyday life.

FOLLOW-UP COACHING CALL: Includes a 25-minute coaching call to anchor in the changes you’ve made internally. Explore what your next steps look like as you embrace your wholeness as a woman.

DURING THE WEEKEND: Our work is embodied, connected, and safe. We utilize practices from psychology, neuroscience, and spirituality to create powerful experiential workshops that tend to your mind, heart, and body. We’ve served more than 10,000 people all over the world, with 99% reporting that their lives have dramatically changed for the better.

9:30am — 12:30pm PST (with short break)
1:30pm – 5:30pm PST (with short break)

9:30am — 1:30pm PST (with short break)
2:30pm — 5:30pm PST (with short break)

Early Bird Pricing: $397
Early Bird Registration ends the Thursday two weeks prior to the Immersion Weekend.

Regular Pricing: $497

We also offer substantial scholarships for every weekend through our COR Community Foundation nonprofit. To learn more about our scholarship process and to apply, click here

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What if you felt joy in being A woman?

You want to live a passionate and purposeful life. You want meaningful, real relationships where you can proudly express your true self. You’re ready to live a life where your own worthiness isn’t a question… and you’re done pleasing others, striving for perfection, and living a shadow of your true life.

The problem is, the things that were supposed to teach you love and about your goodness as a woman instead taught you strategies to please, pretend, combat, or hide. 

Many of us did not have healthy womanhood modeled. Our mothers, teachers, family members, and society instead modeled a lie… That’s it’s bad to be a woman. That we are not worthy of love unless we behave, look, or act a certain way. Or that we should reject our womanhood completely- proving that we can be just as good as men and trying to beat them at their own game. 

This leaves us constantly fighting with the world, exhausted and alone, or desperately trying to fit in. Instead, what if you believed it was good to be a woman? What if you believed that who you are is enough? What if you knew that you belonged? 

Because here is the truth: There is an essential gold and goodness to you — and no matter what has happened to you in your life, this goodness is never tarnished or touched. 

There is a richness and a vastness to your womanhood which no one and no circumstance can diminish. Who you are as a woman matters. This is a weekend where you get a chance to come home to that truth.



So how do I return to feeling whole again as a woman?

  1. Uncover and bring awareness to the false limitations within your womanhood. Explore the strategies you’ve taken on to hide, combat, please, or to be ‘just as good as a man’.
  2. Tend to the parts of you that have been hurt, unseen, and kept small — express and release the internalized stories that have bound you. Scream, cry, grieve and express your anger about the walls you’ve put around your truest expression. This is where you get full permission to be YOU.
  3. Reclaim who you really are as a woman underneath the pain and strategies. Reclaim your gold, your gifts. You’ll be freed and empowered with specific processes and practices that help you get back in contact with your inner wisdom and knowing.

How do I know this workshop

is for me?

  • You are willing to get outside of your comfort zone, try something new, and to be guided. 
  • You understand that quick fixes and checklists don’t often create lasting change. 
  • You are committed and dedicated to your own lifelong healing. 
  • You’ve gone to therapy, read the books, attended other workshops, or participated in other webinars and are looking for a new breakthrough.
  • You are comfortable or open to meditation, guided experiential processes, and you are looking for something more embodied than a lecture. 
  • You are ready to uncover blind spots or things you may not have even realized about yourself. 
  • You are ready to go on an inner journey to more deeply understand yourself as a woman.

What’s the cost if I don’t attend?


You remain stuck, cycling through the same themes, the same experiences of smallness and ‘I’m not enough’. The work will be here waiting for you, and life will be begging you to explore something new. 

Unfortunately, your life will likely stay pretty similar — not engaging in an opportunity for growth means you may stay stuck in blaming yourself or those around you — and continue feeling alone, concerned what others think of you, carrying everything for those around you, exhausted, resentful, and bottled up.

So we invite you to take an important step, for yourself, those you love, and the life you want to live — join us for the Women’s Immersion Weekend.

Register Now for an Upcoming Women’s Immersion Weekend

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Jessica Vignolle
Lead Facilitator & Transformational Mentor

Jessica is a COR Lead Facilitator with a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology. As a Transformational Mentor, she loves sharing the skills and tools she has collected over the past dozen years with others. She supports her clients in creating intimate and loving relationships that center around clear communication and authentic connection through exploring the recurring themes, patterns, and challenges they experience in their lives. Jessica utilizes Somatic Inquiry, Gestalt, NLP, Inner Child Rescue, Parts Work, Person-Centered Approach, Psychosynthesis, Plant Medicines and many other approaches when working with clients.

Freida Neiman
Facilitator and Coach

Freida has been responsible for the training, development, and management of hundreds of leaders, managers, and mentors, and has been participating in transformational work for over 20 years. As a facilitator and coach, she uses COR’s foundational framework of The Three Selves. She also incorporates the Enneagram for clients to understand how their type can support them on their healing and growth journey. Her specialty is coaching clients on how to embody self-responsibility to approach whatever crossroads they may be facing, while having fun along the process. Her strong belief is that you don’t have to suffer to heal!


What makes your work different?

This isn’t a webinar, lecture, or workshop with hundreds of people. It’s also not a sharing circle, yoga retreat, or a workshop where you are going to take notes the entire time. Instead, our Women’s Immersion Weekend is experiential, personalized and tailored to bring healing to your body, heart, and mind. Most workshop spaces focus only on the mind or the body, but at COR, we focus on all aspects of your humanity.

With more than 30 years offering workshops, we’ve integrated best practices from psychology, neuroscience, and spirituality to bring about accelerated awareness and deep transformation. Our teachings have foundations in mindfulness, movement, emotional release, archetype work, parts work, family constellations, compassion, meditation, somatic experiencing, journaling, and small group facilitation and coaching.


Would this be more powerful in person?

Our Women’s Immersion Weekend was tailored to be held online — so that we can meet YOU exactly where you’re at in your own personal growth journey. It gives you more space to go inward and focus on your own transformation, and isn’t a massive commitment — so you can ‘try out’ COR easily. After leading workshops online, we realized that connecting through Zoom won’t limit the depth that you can go to — it only limits how you connect with others. While you can’t hug it out in person, you can connect emotionally, vulnerably, and authentically. Plus, by doing a workshop online, you can better integrate your learnings into your everyday life because the workshop doesn’t happen in a bubble, removed from the “real world.” Instead it happens in the midst of everyday life. 

How many people are at the workshop?

Our workshops are all small group format, generally running between 15 and 20 participants.  For our Women’s Immersion Weekend, there are at least 2 facilitators for this size group. We ensure there is at least one facilitator for every 10 women so each participant can get personalized attention and support. 


Plan to dedicate your attention from 9:30am Saturday  to 5:30pm Sunday. You’ll need privacy and space free from regular responsibilities to nourish yourself with good food, rest, and integrate the deep practices and teachings.


This work started in England in 1993. Thousands of people from all over Europe, the U.S. and Canada have participated.  The workshops continue to be led in locations throughout the U.S. and, through a sister company, in England.

What is the diversity like at these workshops?

We celebrate every type of woman at this workshop, every age, race, ethnicity, size, religious background, sexual orientation, and ideological stance. There’s no “right” or prescribed way to be a woman, there is only your way. We honor all differences, as well as how these parts of your identity intersect into your unique experience as a woman. We’ve had people of diverse religious backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual orientations, ages, and lifestyles attend. We are committed to being a place where healing happens, including the healing of racial inequity and the wounds it causes. We are humbly learning how best to do this and to take effective steps toward a more racially inclusive organization.

I am part of the LGBTQ+ Community. Is this work a fit for me?

We love and support people of every gender and sexual orientation. We have many alumni who are queer and who have attended our workshops in the past. If you are non-binary, this work may not fully resonate with you. As we seek to meet the diverse needs of our community, we are working on an Immersion Weekend which is not gender-specific and hope to offer it within the next year. If you’re uncertain about the Women’s Immersion Weekend and whether it’s a fit for you, please have a call with a facilitator — you can set one up here.

Will I receive tools from this weekend?

Yes! You’ll receive a framework of how to heal, and you’ll receive many little tools that can help you in communication, in understanding your triggers, in returning to a place of wholeness.

However, this weekend isn’t a lecture or set of prescribed action steps. Rather, this weekend is an experience. A lot of it is an inner journey. Meaning we’ll guide you through processes and inquiries in which you’ll uncover insights and deeper understanding about yourself. Our work is meant to be a journey rather than a quick fix in order to create sustained, lasting change.

What are the facilitator’s qualifications, and what kind of training do they have?

Our facilitators are all trained coaches and professionals. They often come to us with years of experience. Even so, in order to facilitate a workshop for us, they are required to do extensive training with our organization, including four years of leadership and facilitation training as well as ongoing training and oversight assisting at workshops, before becoming fully certified to become a lead facilitator. For most facilitators, this process takes 4-6 years to full certification. You can read more about our facilitators and their unique qualifications on our team page.

I’m interested in financial aid options.  What kind of assistance is available if I cannot afford the workshop?

We offer sliding scale ticket prices for our Women’s Immersion Weekend in an effort to make this work accessible to everyone. We also offer substantial scholarships for every weekend through our COR Community Foundation nonprofit. To learn more about our scholarship process and to apply, click here

We hope in the future to be able to expand our financial aid options. We can also highly recommend our monthly evening programs as a way to engage with our work and receive support at a more accessible financial investment.

Will this workshop “fix” me?

No one is going to wave a magic wand and “fix” you at this workshop. Instead, it’s an opportunity for you to do deep inner work, in the company of similarly committed women, under the guidance of skilled facilitators who have spent years engaged in their own healing, growth and learning. You will receive deep healing at the workshop, healing that can last a lifetime, not a surface feeling that fades within days or weeks. However, we have found that for most of us, the journey is not in fixing anything, it’s in accepting all the parts of ourselves, understanding them, and then moving forward with compassion.

I’m not into group stuff. Is this still for me?

Our Women’s Immersion Weekend is a different type of group experience. It’s not a lecture, and not a circle where we tell our stories all weekend —yet you’ll enjoy a profound experience of sisterhood. At COR, we believe you’re not meant to walk this path alone. Most of the processes are an internal journey within your own self.  You are never required to share anything, and you are welcome to be exactly where you are throughout the entire weekend. However, if you join us, you’re expected to engage, to go ‘all in’, not only for your own healing, but also to support the other women in their journeys. If you are open to trying a new way, it is incredibly powerful to move through processes as a group. You receive as much healing from watching others as you do from your own process — and also develop a deep bond with the other participants.


We welcome anyone from any or no religious or spiritual background and have had people from all walks of life participate in these workshops, including Christians, Muslims, Orthodox Jews, Buddhists, Taoists, Mystics, and Agnostics.  At COR, we do believe that inner work is done most holistically and effectively when we address all aspects of our humanity; including the physical, the emotional, the mental aspects of humanity, as well as a fourth dimension, the spiritual aspect.  We use concepts such as meditation, prayer/invocation, and Higher Power/Grace, but we do this in as an inclusive way as possible, allowing you to define this for yourself. We don’t push any particular religion or dogma and allow for everyone’s unique beliefs.  


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