Initiations in Love

A Spiritual Memoir by Britta Eskey

Initiations In Love

What do we do with our pain?

Initiations in Love is a spiritual memoir that helps you gracefully turn towards what breaks our hearts and assists you in turning your suffering into your gifts. 

It’s an age-old question all sincere spiritual seekers must eventually wrestle with because no one escapes suffering in this life. How do we make sense of our personal and collective trauma, which leaves many of us feeling disconnected from ourselves, others, and God? How do we reconnect to our intrinsic wholeness?

Initiations in Love assists readers in finding meaning in the human journey, which at times leaves us feeling so very separate. It helps answer these fundamental questions by proposing that everything that happens to us—the good and the bad—can initiate us into the genuine nature of Love (with a capital L). In fact, it suggests life is a living school, full of rites of passage that teach us lessons in Love. 

Initiations in Love is a modern spiritual memoir with a teaching and self-help component and offers readers meaningful ways to process and transform their suffering and trauma. Through the telling of her unusual journey—from an atheist upbringing, deep engagement in New Age practices, time spent in Indian ashrams and U.S. Christian monasteries, to eventual mystical Catholicism—Britta shares how she moved through life’s five initiation stages: The Awakening, The Call, The Transformation Cauldron, The Emerging, and The Gift. Through these stages, Britta transforms her suffering into her gifts.

Initiations in Love is a call to a deeper Love and an invitation to open to Grace wherever it can be found, whether in traditional or non-traditional approaches. Her book shows readers the value of being willing participants in this sacred endeavor instead of resisting life’s lessons and letting their wounds make them resentful and guarded.

Life often asks us to endure challenges that either set us back or propel us forward into a deeper relationship with our Higher Power. Initiations in Love is a relatable and relevant guide for how to face even our most difficult times with an open heart so that we can learn the soul lessons we are here to learn. Readers will feel seen, heard, and loved as Britta gently and powerfully shares how to be a loving student of life.

Christine Hassler

Author of "Expectation Hangover" and "20 Something/20 Everything"

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Initiations in Love is a compelling window into a soul’s journey to God, as well as a mirror that will help readers better see their own journey. Britta has masterfully transformed her life’s struggles into lessons of Love, both as an act of self-healing and as a precious offering to us all. I was moved and inspired by the stories and guidance in this book, and wholeheartedly recommend it to seekers on the Path.”

~ David Frenette, author of The Path of Centering Prayer

“In Initiations in Love, spiritual teacher Britta Eskey courageously shares the grittiest and loftiest moments from her lifelong spiritual quest, to bring us a powerfully loving and wise guide for the journey to embodying Real Love where it matters most. Through sharing the invitations of her own story, she invites you to mine for gold within your own. If you yearn to walk an authentic spiritual path in these complex times, this beautiful book will show you the way.”

~ Miranda Macpherson, author of The Way of Grace

“The image that comes to mind as I think of Britta Eskey’s story is that of a beach ball that, no matter how many times or how forcefully it gets pulled under the water, keeps popping up with energy and a splash. That energy has been Britta’s longing for a Love that corresponds to the cry of her heart, and her lifelong pursuit of that Love has been, as she describes it, “a living school.” The trials she has endured in this school would have caused anyone with less grit and courage to drop out. She has endured, and we, the readers of this book, are now the beneficiaries of her hard-earned and hard-learned lessons.”

~ Christopher West, ThD, President Theology of the Body Institute and author of Fill These Hearts: God, Sex, & the Universal Longing

“In Initiations in Love, Britta Eskey offers us a map to navigate life’s hardest question: How do we live as love, in the face of our suffering? This is a clear, relatable book, grounded in tools that transcend any belief system, yet are rooted in Britta’s fresh, deep embodiment of Catholicism. Any true Initiation in Love is a profound blessing, yet requires absolutely everything of us. As you are called to leave one way of being and enter wholeheartedly into the next, this book will equip you to walk fully and boldly across the threshold.”

~ LiYana Silver, author of Feminine Genius: The Provocative Path to Waking Up and Turning on the Wisdom of Being a Woman

“Britta Eskey’s Initiations in Love gives you a step-by-step, easy-to-understand guide for navigating the big challenges you face in life. It enables you to start dissolving the ego illusion that you are separate from the Divine and returns you to the Love that you truly are. Through being a participant in many of the workshops Britta developed, my life has completely transformed for the better. I was able to dissolve emotional blockages that I once thought were insurmountable. I highly recommend this book to you as an essential part of your journey of awakening.”

~ Nicolas David Ngan, Amazon #1 bestselling author of Your Soul Contract Decoded: Discovering the Spiritual Map of Your Life with Numerology

“Britta’s personable approach to embodied awakening, contained in Initiations in Love, is a priceless set of tools indeed. Her rich life experience and authentic insight is palpable and effectively transmitted through each chapter – as though the book is designed to walk you through your own life to integrate, reflect, forgive, and clear space for what’s next. For all seeking profound yet practical guidance on their spiritual journey, I highly recommend sitting with Britta’s brilliantly curated inquiries and invitations for self-practice. If you’re ready to awaken more Love and Truth within and with all, start here.”

~ Sydney Campos, best-selling author of The Empath Experience and I’m Ascending, Now What? and Transformational Facilitator, Energy Healer, and Advisor

“Britta has given us a gift in Initiations of Love. In this book, she allows us a glimpse into her life—the pain, joy, and challenges. She invites us to say yes to life in an authentic way, and to reexamine our definition of love of self, others, and God. With journaling prompts to help readers identify what might be calling them in their own life, Britta takes us beyond the lessons we learn from her story and into the lessons we can learn about our own.” 

~ Gina Birkemeier, LPC, NCC, and award-winning author of Generations Deep: Unmasking Inherited Dysfunction and Trauma to Rewrite Our Stories Through Faith and Therapy

“This book is about the journey of discovering, unfolding, and unveiling of Love in all it’s different shapes/colors/forms, through the messiness AND pure Divinity of humanity. It is an example of the perseverance, devotion, and humility encountered on the journey of Love. I love the journal prompts and recorded meditations that are woven into the book. The invitation to reflect on my own life’s stages and initiations was eye opening and provided a different lens from which to view my life… like looking through Grace’s lens with more compassion and understanding. The raw, beautiful, and sometimes messy unfoldings of Britta’s journey in love gave me a sort of permission and inspiration to view my own life honestly and vulnerably. Britta has her finger on the pulse of earthly human and Divine love! I would recommend this book to any spiritual seeker, anyone on the path of personal and spiritual growth, and those who feel a pull or resonance with the mystical side of Christianity. Initiations in Love is an intersection of Richard Rohr’s Essential Teachings on Love and the true, real-life inspired flavor of Paulo Coehlo’s The Witch of Portobello.”

~ Katie G., COR Community

“Through taking us on her unique spiritual odyssey, across continents and decades, and deep into her own soul’s search for Love, Britta Eskey beckons us readers to listen to our own lives for the call of God. Whether on a dance floor in an Indian ashram or at the foot of a crucifix in a monastery chapel, Britta’s experiences of divine Love, both painful and joyous, portray a fully embodied and open-hearted “Yes!” to Grace. The impact of her “Yes!” ripples out to her family, friends, loved ones and students in such beautiful and healing ways. Her memoir is certain to pique the interest of those who hunger and thirst for personal and spiritual transformation.”

~ Rev. Joannah Cook, MDiv, BCC, Chaplain, Tanner Health System

Initiations in Love is a warm, genuine, and captivating book. The experience of reading it is sensational, insightful, and inspiring! I felt like it was written for me, and I found myself saying Britta’s prayers aloud as I read them and crying when she described her own tears. It was profound and powerful and so very deeply relatable.”

~ Katie D., COR Community

“Such a soul warming, life affirming, and inspiring story. A much needed breath of fresh air in these tumultuous times. When I finished reading Initiations in Love, I was no longer in my head but instead deep in the warm embrace of the author’s heart. It reminded me not to get lost in the superficial hope that we can find liberation through escaping life when in fact our lives are the very vehicle through which our liberation can occur. In this honest, hilarious, and practical book, Britta Eskey teaches us to show up for the curriculum of our lives and to love artfully along the way. This is the kind of story someone can only write after many years of committed searching and devoted spiritual practice. Such a useful and supportive guide for all of us on that same journey. Let yourself be nourished.”

~ Karim M., COR Community

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Join Britta in the celebrations of her debut book, Initiations in Love, online or in-person in Asheville, North Carolina.
Both events will include an engaging reading from Britta, a guided exploration of your own Initiations in Love, and a Q&A session where attendees can ask questions regarding the book or to gain insights into their own initiation stages.

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Thursday, June 27
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Copies of “Initiations in Love” will be available for purchase and signing at the event in Asheville.

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Initiations are rites of passage where we change irreversibly. We enter one way and come out another. Initiations are important; they mark the end of something old and the beginning of something new. The trajectory of our life changes. As we move through the five stages: The Awakening, The Call, The Transformation Cauldron, The Emerging, and The Gift, we are brought closer to the source of Love. 

What stage of initiation are you in?

Take the quiz below to discover which initiation stage you are in and learn how you can whole-heartedly say “Yes” to these rites of passages and consciously produce the fruit they are meant to bring forth!

Meet Britta EskeY

Life Coach, Seminar Leader, and Leadership Trainer

Britta Eskey has been a devoted seeker (and finder) of God since childhood. She co-founded COR, which assists people in finding their truest self and their divine purpose. Britta is a NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM) trauma-informed professional, a certified Compassion Cultivation Teacher, and one of the developers and instructors of the Cultivating the Heart course at Stanford University’s CCARE. Britta has a background in social work, family therapy, counseling, Family Constellation, dance and movement, spiritual direction, and life coaching. Britta is the proud mother of two adult sons and grandmother to two grand-daughters. She lives in Asheville, North Carolina with her husband Lee Eskey.


Transform Your Challenges Into Gifts

Initiations in Love offers readers meaningful ways to process and transform their suffering. Through the telling of her unusual journey—from an atheist upbringing, deep engagement in New Age practices, time spent in Indian ashrams and U.S. Christian monasteries, to eventual mystical Catholicism—Britta Eskey shares how she moves through life’s five initiation stages: The Awakening, The Call, The Transformation Cauldron, The Emerging, and The Gift.

Through these stages she shares how your challenges, no matter how difficult, can be transformed into your gifts.

Get your copy of Initiations in Love and transform your challenges into gifts.

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