The Depth of Healthy Masculinity

What would it be like to walk into a room confidently, knowing that you can be your authentic, 100% true self, openly sharing whatever is real for you in the moment…in front of women?  That you can be appreciated, valued, respected, and even loved by these women, not for what you do, but for who you are?

This is the essence of the Noble Man experience.

In the presence of trained female facilitators and staff who will step in for the women in your life, you’ll get to experiment and test what it’s like to let down your walls. Instead of showing up with what you think women want to see and hear, you’ll get to practice what it’s like to be real, to be fully you, to let yourself be seen. Through this, you’ll experience how powerful it can be when you show up as your true self, and how easy it is to connect once you do.  You’ll rewire your brain to see new potential, to experience a new way of being.

Whether you’ve done men’s work before or have never done a workshop, this is a weekend like no other, and one you will never forget.  

Initiate actual, tangible changes in your life that will last long after the workshop is over, and shift your relationship with women, and with yourself, forever.  Enroll now for the next Noble Man Workshop.


“Noble Man was a life-changing experience. It allowed me to access profound confidence within myself that I didn’t know existed. The experience not only improved my relationship with myself and my girlfriend, but it also helped me land a dream job at a company I had been pursuing for years. I can’t recommend Noble Man enough.”



“I came into Noble Man feeling pretty pessimistic and wasn’t expecting much, but I promised myself I would give the workshop 100%. Even so, it took a few days for things to shift because I had been numb for a long time in my life. But then when I least expected it, I experienced a feeling I had never had before in my life. So powerful, and it’s a feeling that no human being should go through life without. Even after several years, the work I did at Noble Man has brought huge dividends in my life.”



“I used to play a role in my relationships, showing up as whatever I thought the woman would like. It left me feeling depleted, unconfident and unsure of who I was. I constantly needed sexual validation, but it always left me feeling empty. After Noble Man, I have a strong sense of who I am, and now I show up as myself in relationships. I’ve discovered intimacy for the first time.”


where you are

Our Noble Man workshop will meet you where you are. It’s not a lecture, and no one is going to wave a magic wand and “fix” you.

This weekend is an experience.
You choose how deep you want to go.

Wherever you come in, it’s an opportunity for you to do real, deep inner work on yourself. In the company of other men who are committed to the same outcome, and in the company of women who are there to support you, this is a chance to explore new depths, to heal past hurts, and to come out of it able to connect more intimately and powerfully with friends, colleagues, and in relationships. It is your opportunity to find something greater and more meaningful than you ever imagined or experienced before.  


Every man comes into Noble Man with his own private thoughts, feelings, and issues he wants to address, but you will quickly discover that you’re not alone. Some of the most common topics that come up among participants are:

Inability to let down your guard and be your true self with others

◇ Difficulties in relationships with women

◇ Dissatisfaction with career

◇ Fear of showing weakness

◇ Difficulty balancing the need for intimacy with the desire to appear manly

◇ Shame over sexual desires and/or past sexual encounters

◇ Feelings of inadequacy as a partner and father

◇ Need for sexual validation that is ultimately unfulfilling

◇ Feeling lost – a general feeling of uncertainty about life’s purpose (and whether it’s ok to feel this way)

◇ Feelings of hurt, anger, or resentment toward your parents

◇ Self-doubt in relationships and work

We are far more similar than we are different, and whatever it is you are facing, it’s likely another man present is facing something similar.  You are not alone.


October 3 – 6, 2024
Crestone, CO

Early Bird Pricing: $2,222 (through Aug. 22)
Regular Pricing: $2,750 (closes Sept. 26)

This workshop is produced by Band Into Real, a satellite community of COR.
Questions? Please email Band Into Real Client Care.

Curious? Join Us:

Free Noble Man Intro Evenings

Men – if you are curious what it would be like to be your full self in front of women, to be appreciated, valued, respected, and even loved by these women, not for what you do, but for who you … this is the next step for you. In this FREE intro evening, you will have an opportunity to get a taste of what transpires at a Noble Man weekend and to get all of your questions answered.

July 16: 6-8pm MT / 5-7pm PT
August 7: 7-9pm MT / 6-8pm PT
September 12: 6-8pm MT / 5-7pm PT

Noble Man Staff alumni are invited to join us too. Please email Coco for more information. Intro evenings are hosted by Band Into Real.

What’s possible

This experience has led men to huge breakthroughs and lasting change afterward, including establishing new and deepening current relationships with women, increased confidence in the decisions they make, enhanced communication skills, increased compassion and connection with men and women, clarity of purpose in personal and professional paths, and improved self-care and health. The possibilities are truly endless. You decide what you want to get out of this retreat. No matter what, you’re in for a powerful experience that will fundamentally shift who you are as a man, and lead you closer to the life you’ve always envisioned for yourself.

Each man’s journey is his own, but these are some of the things that previous Noble Man participants have received from the weekend:

◇“I’ve learned to ask for what I want in a healthy way instead of demanding it aggressively and ruining my relationships.”

◇“For the first time, I feel truly comfortable in my own skin instead of the imposter I have always felt like around women.”

◇“I learned that the things I felt ashamed of are just part of my humanity. I had no idea other men felt the same shame.”

◇“I understand myself better and why I’ve made the choices I have made. I feel comfortable with the challenges I face as a man instead of feeling alone in them.”

“I’ve learned to lead from compassion instead of from fear.”

“I feel alive. Before, I was just going through the motions and faking my way through life. Now I feel real passion.”

“I’ve gained real confidence in myself. I understand who I am and why I matter.”

“I’ve learned how to forgive. I’ve let go of pains from my past, and learned to forgive the ones who hurt me, including myself.”

“I’ve experienced lasting behavior changes. I no longer feel the hunger for sexual validation, so now I seek relationships that allow me to feel a real connection with women.”



Whether it was a first saber-tooth tiger hunt, a ceremonial dance, or a vision quest, ancient societies have long provided rites of passage for young men to prove their courage to themselves, to step into emotional and psychological maturity, and fully take their place in their tribe as a man. Today’s culture offers few similar opportunities, and men are left feeling lost and unsure.

Noble Man provides a chance for each man to individually confront and conquer his own fears and inner demons in a physically and emotionally safe environment. This rite of passage, or initiation – in the presence of women – is a highlight of the workshop and is what sets our workshops apart from therapy, retreats, or other work you’ve done for yourself in the past. Your initiation is what leads to profound internal understanding and lasting behavioral changes. It is deeply personal and spiritually powerful in ways that are otherwise unavailable to men today.


Our workshops are experiential and participatory in nature.  They are small groups of 15-27 participants, and have a high staff to participant ratio to allow for individualized support and facilitation throughout the weekend.  There will be self-exploration through experience, not lecture.  

The processes










support after


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Share, connect, and have fun with your group


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96% of participants report that they are grateful they said “Yes!” to attending this workshop, and 92% say that this workshop was life-changing.


How many people are at the workshop?

Our workshops are all small group format, generally running between 15 and 27 participants. For Noble Man, there are at least 3 facilitators, and anywhere from 15-27 additional staff women there to assist and provide support.

Does this work focus only on romantic relationships?

No. Although one area of our focus is the dynamic and healing between men and women, we are not a romantic relationship company.

Certainly, your romantic life could be greatly affected by this weekend, but the work we do addresses all relationships — family, friends, co-workers, and of course, maybe most importantly, your relationship with yourself.

What are the food and accommodations like at the workshop?

We handpick our venue sites for comfort, accessibility, and a concentration on the natural beauty around us. Each site is different, but all feature stunning locations with comfortable accommodations for each participant. Most rooms are shared with one or two other participants. We put a lot of thought and effort into making sure each participant is comfortable and well-resourced, asking for sleeping preferences and checking on all dietary limitations before the workshop. An on-site event manager is there to see to any concerns that come up.

What is the diversity like at these workshops?

We celebrate all men at this workshop: every age, ethnicity, size, religious background, sexual orientation, and ideological stance. We’ve had people of all religious backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and lifestyles attend Noble Man, and we work hard to make sure that it’s a safe and inclusive space.


We welcome anyone from any or no religious or spiritual background and have had people from all walks of life participate in these workshops, including many agnostics.  At COR, we do believe that inner work is done most holistically and effectively when we address all aspects of our humanity; including the physical, the emotional, the mental aspects of humanity, as well as a fourth dimension, that of the unknown. We use concepts such as meditation, prayer/invocation, and Higher Power/Grace, but we do this in as an inclusive way as possible, allowing you to define this for yourself. We don’t push any particular religion or dogma and allow for everyone’s unique beliefs.  We welcome all people, of all faiths.


We are unable to provide transportation to and from the airport for any of our events. Every event site does have parking, and we provide a carpooling forum for participants and comprehensive logistics information once registered. As the sites can be anywhere from one to three hours from a major airport, we highly suggest carpooling if possible if you are arriving from out of town. For every event, participants should plan to arrive for registration at 5pm on Thursday, and plan to not depart until the end of lunch at 2pm on Sunday.


We welcome women and men into our community from all walks of life, including those who are lesbian, gay, and bisexual. We have many alumni from these communities. We work hard to make the weekends safe and inclusive for people of all sexual orientations.


This work started in England in 1993. Thousands of people from all over Europe, the U.S. and Canada have participated. The workshops continue to be led in locations throughout the U.S. and, through a sister company, in England.

is this a workshop for couples?

This is not a couple’s workshop. The staff women are present to stand in for the women in your life, including but not limited to your mother, current or ex-partners, family, friends, and co-workers.

It is possible to attend this workshop with your partner staffing if she has already completed COR Woman, but even in this case there are strict boundaries put in place to keep staff and participants separated, and you would do most of the exercises with another female staff member, not your partner.

What are the facilitatorS’ qualifications, and what kind of training do they have?

Our facilitators are all trained coaches and professionals. They often come to us with years of experience. Even so, in order to facilitate a workshop for us, they are required to do extensive training with our organization, including two years of leadership and facilitation training as well as ongoing training and oversight assisting at workshops, before becoming fully certified to become a lead facilitator.  For most facilitators, this process takes 4-6 years to full certification. You can read more about our facilitators and their unique qualifications on our team page.

I’m not into group stuff. Is this still for me?

Noble Man is a different type of group experience. It’s not a lecture or a group experience where we tell our stories all weekend. Most of the processes are an internal journey of your own self. You are never required to share anything, and you are welcome to be exactly where you are the entire weekend. We will, however, lovingly challenge you to step into your authentic self, even if you aren’t sure what that looks like. We encourage you to bravely take the Noble Man weekend on fully. And if you are open to trying a new way, it is incredibly powerful to move through things as a group. You receive as much healing from watching others as you do from your own process and also develop a deep bond with the other participants.

Why is this workshop so expensive?

Our workshops include all food and accommodations, as well as a fully facilitated four week long follow up program.  They require at least three highly trained facilitators and an on-site event manager, who all get paid for their time. We work hard to keep costs as low as possible, in order to keep our workshops accessible but know that they can still be cost-prohibitive for some. If finances are an issue, please see our information about financial aid.

I’m interested in financial aid options. What kind of assistance is available if I cannot afford the workshop?

We offer payment plans for all our workshops so you can spread out the payment over four monthly payments if you register at least 4 months in advance of the workshop. A limited number of scholarships are available. Please email to learn more.

We hope in the future to be able to offer more financial aid options. We can also highly recommend the one-day workshops and monthly evening programs as a way to engage with our work and receive support at a more accessible financial investment.

Will this workshop “fix” me?

No one is going to wave a magic wand and “fix” you at this workshop. Instead, it’s an opportunity for you to do real, deep inner work on yourself, in the company of similarly committed men, under the guidance of skilled facilitators who have all done this work before you. You will receive deep healing at the workshop, healing that can last decades, not a surface feeling that fades within days or weeks. However, we have found that for most of us, the journey is not in fixing anything, it’s in accepting all the parts of ourselves, understanding them, and then moving courageously forward with compassion.


If you have questions about COR, please email us using the Contact Us button below.

For questions specific to the event, please see the registration boxes for appropriate contact information.

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