You uncovered your natural and unique strengths as a leader and facilitator at the COR Leadership Development Training (LDT). Now it’s time to master your skills! If you feel called to competently facilitate others while going even deeper in your own journey as a leader, the Advanced Leadership and Facilitation Training (ALFT) is for you.

In the ALFT, you’ll build upon the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired in previous trainings to master your facilitation skills and gain knowledge of advanced-level tools.

Step into the next level of your personal leadership.

This program is an 11-month advanced intensive, and it is generally only offered every two years. If you’ve recently finished LDT and are called to continue your journey, we invite you into the ALFT.

Register now, or schedule your free discovery session to see if this program is right for you.

“ALFT was the next step I needed in my facilitation, coaching, and personal development. I got to hone and add to my skills as a coach and facilitator, while also diving deeper into the pedagogy regarding facilitation. Additionally, due to the family constellation work we learn and practice at ALFT, I healed a huge dynamic that was happening in my family and it brought about one of the most profound nights of my life with my mom and sister. Because of ALFT, I got to loosen and release a lot of my intense need for approval and now have much more grounding in myself not only as a facilitator but also at a personal level. Finally, I’m so grateful I did ALFT because I FINALLY created and lead a school workshop, something I had been sitting on for 5 years! Without the push and structures of ALFT, this workshop and me merging the COR work in schools would not have happened.”


“ALFT was life transforming for me – having been in the COR world for 7 years, ALFT somehow brought everything I had learnt at COR and elsewhere together – it all clicked in such a way that with my partner (in life and work) and I now bring this work to businesses, were we are powerfully transforming business leaders and their businesses to be more heartful. And doing it with my partner has transformed our relationship bringing so much hidden stuff to the light.”


“The ALFT provided the vehicle, impetus, and support for me to finally create, market, and put something out into the world that was just my own. That has been a lifelong challenge for me that I wasn’t able to overcome, and through the ALFT, I broke through those blocks and manifested my own full-day workshop. That has been a massive game-changer for me going forward in recreating my new purpose-filled and soul-aligned work life.”



ALFT is an eleven-month program. You must attend each of the three in-person modules to participate.

Module Dates:
I: April 26 – May 1, 2025
II: September 13 – 18, 2025
III: January 15 – 18, 2026

In addition to the in-person modules, there are also monthly trainings held via video, a thirty-minute one-on-one monthly private coaching call with Britta or Lee (this is the only training program where this is offered!), and suggested calls to practice your leadership skills and to receive and give support with an accountability buddy.

The ALFT culminates in a project designed to take your facilitation and leadership further into the world.


ALFT is designed for women and men who have completed LDT and want advanced training in group and one-on-one facilitation. How do you know if ALFT is right for you? You will know this is for you if you:

◇ Desire to learn more sophisticated tools in skillfully assisting people in their healing and transformation

◇ Are looking for an opportunity to launch your next phase or project as a transformational facilitator

◇ Want to deepen your journey as a facilitator and further develop and master the empowering, lifelong habits you learned at the LDT

◇ Want an even deeper year-long program with great support and an opportunity for sustained growth and lasting transformation

◇ Are 100% committed to having breakthroughs in your life so that you can be the gift you were born to be, and fully share that gift with others

◇ Are a professional life coach, business consultant, minister, therapist, specialty counselor or teacher—or are looking to become one of the above—and want to integrate the COR facilitation skills into your work and earn money making a difference in the lives of others


Module Schedule:

I: April 26 – May 1, 2025 – The Land Celebration (VA)
II: September 13 – 18, 2025 – The Land Celebration (VA)
III: January 15 – 18, 2026 – (TBA)

Monthly Group Video Teaching Schedule:

All calls are from 11:00am – 1:00pm PT

May 20, 2025
June 17, 2025
July 15, 2025
August 19, 2025
September 30, 2025
October 21, 2025
November 18, 2025
December 16, 2025
*no call in January
February 17, 2026
March 17, 2026

The THREE Pillars 

The Three Pillars are the foundation of the ALFT curriculum.
Together we will explore:

◇ Group & Individual Facilitation: Including COR’s exclusive Individual Facilitation Map which distills four decades of facilitation experience

◇ Leading from Body & Voice: Development of your individual voice and expression from an empowered somatic perspective

◇ Into the Deep: Furthering your spiritual development



What’s possible

ALFT combines ancient wisdom traditions and cutting edge modern methodologies of psychology to help you bring your facilitation to the next level.  

After the program, participants see changes that ripple over their entire lives. Each participant creates and brings forth a project to complete their ALFT experience. Here are examples of some of the projects that previous participants have created and executed as a result of their ALFT experience:

◇ A support circle for new families-mothers, fathers, and children

◇ A weekend retreat for women to connect to sisterhood

◇ A teacher training in active listening for teachers and administrators in schools

◇ A weekend workshop for men to deepen their sensuality

◇ A month long course for couples to deepen their commitment to each other

◇ A one day retreat for corporations as a team-building exercise

◇ A workshop for men in a 12-step recovery program

What is the project you have been dreaming of? Where do you want to direct your leadership skills? ALFT is here to deepen your skills and provide a framework to support you in bringing your unique leadership to the world.

What to Expect


◇ Non-Violent Communication

◇ Small Group Facilitation

◇ Somatic Tracking

◇ Holistic Inquiry

◇ Presence & Mindfulness

◇ Spiritual Development and the different aspects of Grace

◇ The Human Condition and the Three Selves

◇ Working with Resistance

◇ Balance of directive and non-directive facilitation

◇ Global Listening

new techniques

◇ Voice and Speech Development

◇ COR’s Individual Work Facilitation Map

◇ Family Constellations

◇ “Horseshoe” Facilitation

◇ Compassion Cultivation, Ego Relaxation and
Letting in the Good

 ◇ Facilitating People from Diverse Backgrounds



Over the course of the year, your entire cohort will come together for three in-person intensives, getting a chance to know each other and bond while you do your own inner work and dive more deeply in your leadership and facilitation skills. 


Facilitated teachings each month held via zoom, to keep you engaged and on track


Individualized support and check-ins with Lee and Britta (this is the ONLY training program where this is offered!)


You’ll receive a designated buddy for accountability and support, as well as a buddy group.


Check in monthly with the facilitators, reflecting on your progress and providing in the moment feedback.


Most cohorts report that they become extremely bonded over this process.  Receive the support of a close community of men and women who are your equals.



PROGRAM FEE: $13,497


April 26 – May 1

The Land Celebration (VA)


September 13 – 18

The Land Celebration (VA)

$1,500 deposit today


January 15 – 18

Location TBA

Can’t attend this year?  Continue to deepen your journey on your own path, and sign up to staff a workshop.



The total cost of the 11-month program is $13,497 tuition, plus food and accommodation fees for each of the three in-person modules. You are also responsible for your own travel to and from each event.

I don’t want to be a facilitator or a coach. Should I still do this?

You can, absolutely. The training focuses on teaching and strengthening professional facilitation skills and most ALFT participants are working therapists, coaches, and in other healing professions. Many graduates of the ALFT, however, have used these skills in diverse ways, and in careers other than coaching or facilitating. One graduate used these skills to open a preschool; others are using them to innovate business. These skills are diverse and can be used in many different professions.

Will this TRAINING “fix” me?

No one is going to wave a magic wand and “fix” you at this training. Instead, it’s an opportunity for you to do real, deep inner work on yourself, in the company of similarly committed women, under the guidance of skilled facilitators who have all done this work before you.  You will receive deep healing at the training, healing that can last decades, not a surface feeling that fades within days or weeks. However, we have found that for most of us, the journey is not in fixing anything, it’s in accepting all the parts of ourselves, understanding them, and then moving forward with compassion.


We generally only offer ALFT once every two years, and each cohort is anywhere from 12-24 men and women who go through the entire year together.


Yes! We do offer some limited financial aid for ALFT. We also offer payment plans. Once you’ve been accepted into the training, you can either pay off the balance of the training (at least six weeks before the start of the first module) or set up a monthly payment plan that gives you additional time to pay off your balance, with a 10% financing fee.

Food and accommodation fees are required to be paid at least two weeks before each in-person event starts.


The first two modules are at the stunning Land Celebration in Gore, Virginia, a beautiful retreat site that features several group sleeping rooms, a swimming pond, a hot tub, a large kitchen and dining area, and a beautiful group process room. The buildings and amenities are nestled on a large rural property with hiking trails, rolling green lawns, three walking labyrinths, and several multi-denominational shrines located throughout the property. It is a beautiful setting for the deepest work you’ve likely ever done. Our third module has historically been held at Four Springs Retreat Center in Middletown, CA.

As always, for all in-person events, we strive to make sure that each participant is well cared for and comfortable, and can accommodate many dietary restrictions including vegetarian, dairy-free and gluten-free.


Email Us: Ask a Question or Schedule a Free Exploration Call to See if ALFT is Right for YOU


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