Shift Your Story & Transform Your Past 

As humans, we are more than the hurts that we have experienced, the difficulties we have endured. We are more than our wins, our joys, our successes. We are greater than the sum of our parts.

But sometimes some of those parts are hard to accept, hard to move past. The ego keeps circling back, whispering: “What if things had been different? Who would I be if that hadn’t happened? Why did that have to happen to me?”

If your parents had been different, if you hadn’t lost a loved one, if you hadn’t experienced abuse, if you hadn’t gone through that heartbreak… if other people hadn’t let you down, maybe, just maybe, life would be different. Better. Easier.  

But what if that’s all a story?

And what if there’s a better story, a way of shifting perspective that would transform everything?

What would it be like to fully embrace the history of your life? What if your greatest wounds were the doorway to your greatest gifts? What if your very essence is intrinsically connected to the part of you that is most vulnerable and most tender?

What if you could see that all the twists and turns, the bumps and bruises, the people who hurt you and let you down, the times that things didn’t go your way, that they were all leading you toward something?  

Something… great. A sense of purpose. A calling in the world.

A way in which you can give back to others.

Your greatest gifts, the unique essence of you, comes from this place. Kings and Queens will help you to discover this.

We only offer this workshop once per year, and it often sells out six to nine months in advance. Sign up now, and join us at the next Kings and Queens to transform your greatest wounds into your greatest gifts.

“Before Kings & Queens, underlying everything in my entire life was this thought that I was not good enough. I was always just waiting to screw up. I honestly never thought that it would go away. What I got in this workshop was a whole new perspective. I realized that it’s okay if those thoughts never go away; I learned how to just be with them, and how to transform them into the thing that makes me a better leader in the world and in my life.”


where you are

Building on the foundations of previous COR workshops, Kings and Queens is a three-and-a-half day workshop held every couple of years. At Kings and Queens, men and women come together as equals to support and hold space for one another, learning to relax the ego’s hold, let go of your fears, and be transformed by the truth of who you really are.

Once you’ve staffed a workshop for the opposite gender (or have completed the first two modules of our Leadership Development Training), our Kings and Queens workshop will help you step into a new depth of emotional maturity and personal freedom, a move from healing to total transformation. You’ll see more clearly what you’ve been missing: that the things that have hurt you, have caused you pain, have held you back, were all there for a reason. It will give you a greater understanding of your purpose in the world, so that you can live, love, and serve from a place of connection with your true power and potential.


Every person comes into Kings and Queens with their own history, thoughts, feelings, and issues they want to address, but there are many common themes.

Some of the most common topics that come up among participants are:

◇ Continuous lack of clarity or sense of purpose in the world

◇ Old wounds that regularly resurface in current relationships

◇ A desire to forgive the past and move on

◇ Anger and frustration at the ways in which people have hurt you, or life has let you down

◇ A desire to give back in the world

◇ An ongoing sense that there is a deeper place to go to, a deeper healing to receive

Being ready, willing and able to grow up and take full self responsibility

We are far more similar than we are different, and whatever it is you are facing, it’s likely someone else present is facing something similar. You are not alone.


November 7 – 10, 2024
Gore, VA

Early Bird Pricing: $2,997 (through Sept. 26)
Regular Pricing: $3,497 (closes Oct. 31)

Payment plans are available.

Please note the prerequisite to attend Kings & Queens is that you must have staffed a workshop of the opposite gender or have completed the first two modules of our Leadership Development Training.

What’s possible

Kings and Queens is your opportunity to step onto a new life path, with a greater depth of understanding and healing—one on which you let go of blame and victimhood and take full responsibility for your life and your relationships.  What’s on the other side of this? A new way of being, of interacting in the world, and the full authenticity of who you were born to be.

Your personal takeaways and healings will be unique to you, but these are common breakthroughs that people experience at Kings and Queens, and what is possible for you:

Understanding, compassion, and forgiveness for those who have hurt you

◇ Deeper awareness and understanding of unhealthy patterns in relationships

◇ A sense of purpose and meaning in life

◇ A desire to give back to their community, and to the world

◇ A deeper sense of embodiment

◇ A new level of passion and sensuality

◇ Greater access to essential qualities like gratitude, joy, equanimity, unconditional love, compassion, vibrant aliveness, wisdom, and peace.


This workshop is experiential and participatory in nature, with equal numbers men and women, participating together side by side. It is a rites of passage workshop, but it is in many ways unlike all our other workshops, and will include new depths of processes and teachings.

The processes










Is this workshop only about romantic relationships?

No. Although one area of our focus is the dynamic and healing between men and women, this workshop isn’t about relationships; it’s about you, at your core. Certainly, your romantic life will be greatly affected by this weekend, but the work we do addresses all relationships— family, friends, co-workers, and of course, maybe most importantly, your relationship with yourself.

How many participants are at this workshop?

This workshop is always done with an equal number of men and women, and usually has anywhere from 16 to 28 participants. 


As with our other events, participants should plan to arrive for registration at 5:00pm on Thursday, and plan to not depart until the end of lunch at 2:00pm on Sunday.

Will this workshop “fix” me?

No one is going to wave a magic wand and “fix” you at this workshop. Instead, it’s an opportunity for you to do real, deep inner work on yourself, in the company of similarly committed women, under the guidance of skilled facilitators who have all done this work before you. You will receive deep healing at the workshop, healing that can last decades, not a surface feeling that fades within days or weeks. However, we have found that for most of us, the journey is not in fixing anything, it’s in accepting all the parts of ourselves, understanding them, and then moving forward with compassion.

Who facilitates this workshop?

This workshop is led by our most senior facilitators and staff, with both male and female facilitators present, including Britta and Lee Eskey, the founders of COR.

Is this a couples workshop?

No, though you can participate in this workshop with your romantic partner if your partner has also fulfilled the prerequisites. If you choose to do so, you will complete the workshop with your partner, as a pair, without the normal separation that is the case in other COR workshops.

Should I attend if I’m still single, or wait until I have a partner?

You can absolutely attend this workshop without a romantic partner, and there are no downsides to doing so. In fact, some past participants have said that attending this workshop provided the healing they needed to be able to enter into and sustain a healthy romantic partnership, and they credit the relationship they found afterward to attending this workshop.

I’m interested in financial aid options.  What kind of assistance is available if I cannot afford the workshop?

We offer no fee payment plans for all our workshops so that you can spread the payment out over four monthly payments if you register at least four months in advance of the workshop.


Email Us: Ask a Question or Schedule a Free Exploration Call to See if Kings & Queens is Right for YOU


November 7 – 10, 2024
Gore, VA

Early Bird Pricing: $2,997 (through Sept. 26)
Regular Pricing: $3,497 (closes Oct. 31)

Payment plans are available.

Please note the prerequisite to attend Kings & Queens is that you must have staffed a workshop of the opposite gender or have completed the first two modules of our Leadership Development Training.

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