As a company, everything we do is based upon our foundational principles, from the smallest task in the office to the programming at each of our workshops and trainings.  We invite you to read through them to learn more about who we are, what we believe in, and the foundations our work is based upon.

I.    Essential Goodness

Our primary foundational belief at COR is that all human beings are essentially good. We believe that nobody is born “bad” or “wrong” or “evil” and that regardless of how wounded we may become, and how much we may act out, there is always a place inside each and every person that maintains that essential goodness. 

It is critical for a person to be reminded of, or experience for the first time, his or her essential goodness in order to connect back to it within themselves and find healing. It is important to really SEE the essential goodness of those around us, especially those we are responsible for. As facilitators at COR we strive to give our participants our full attention, no matter what they present to us. Through our presence and actions we reflect back to them that we trust in their value, even if they are unable or unwilling to trust in it. 

We hold it that one of our most important jobs as facilitators is to remind people of their essential goodness, innate worthiness, value, and belovedness.

II.    The Human Condition

The reason we or the people around us act out in dysfunctional ways – hurting ourselves or others – is because we perceive we are separate and disconnected, and have lost touch with our own essential goodness.

This is most often because of early childhood trauma. Because of this trauma we get wounded, and because we are too young to handle the pain of that wounding a fragmentation develops in the human soul. We split into what at COR we call a Wounded Self which carries our primary emotions, a Survivor Self which protects us from feeling these wounds and develops our coping mechanisms and survival strategies, and a Healthy Self which always maintains our essential qualities like presence, love, compassion and truth. 

Our work at COR strives to bring presence and awareness to all three selves and to assist people in the healing and integration of them.

III. Truth & Compassion

We hold a powerful polarity while working on ourselves or assisting others in their transformation: Truth and Compassion. To recognize and expose the truth about our human condition, however challenging, embarrassing, or dark it may seem, sets us free. Yet truth alone can be brutal, harsh, and heartless. Compassion towards our human condition is the essential counterpart. It brings in the loving and kind qualities of the heart. Compassion on its own can get too soft and mushy, and not lead to resolution and completion. The combination of truth and compassion is both effective, loving, and holistic.

IV. Presence & Mindfulness

Presence may be defined as bringing awareness to the moment at hand, keenly attuned in “real time” to ourselves, Grace, and who and what is around us without being pulled into the past or future. 

Mindfulness is about the intentional use of attention. It is paying attention to the present moment without judgment or criticism. It is a way to be aware with acceptance. It is present-centered awareness combined with loving kindness. It has a lot to do with intention, attention and attitude. Mindfulness helps us to become aware of the workings of our minds in a new way. We learn to see just how much our minds don’t want to be aware of the present moment, and how much our avoidance of discomfort actually hurts us.

A large part of our work involves guiding people back to the present moment, and trusting that what is present has the ability to bring healing and resolution.

V. Kenosis

The act of self-emptying love and generosity, or “Kenosis”, is essential to our work. We hold it that our greatest fulfillment as human beings comes from discovering and living the gift that we are meant to be to the world. The journey for us and our participants usually involves a necessary process of self-reflection and healing. The fullest discovery and expression of ourselves, however, comes with allowing healing to be a foundation for kenosis. We allow our wounds to be made into a gift for others. This is the archetype of the “Wounded Healer”.

VI. Embodiment

There is an innate intelligence in our body that knows how to release blockages, wounds and trauma. We are body-oriented in our work and work frequently with the felt sense.
Our experience is that only through accepting, embracing, and fully celebrating our body, can we become whole, healthy, and integrated human beings. The body and its sensations is therefore one of our primary tools for the powerful and lasting healing and transformation that happens at COR.

VII. Inclusion

We place a huge value on including all aspects of our humanity, and bringing what is dark to the light. We hold it that every part of us has a positive intent (because of our essential goodness), even if it may have a very unhealthy or twisted way to achieve this intent.
We invite and accept what has been pushed away, hidden, rejected, suppressed and banished to the shadows. We listen to what these parts need and find a healthy way to give it to them.

VIII. Responsibility

Responsibility, as we define it at COR, starts with the willingness to be the cause in the matter of our life. Responsibility is not about fault, burden, praise, blame, credit, shame, guilt, or “The Truth.” Responsibility can only be called into being by what we call the Healthy Self. (As described in point II) No one can make us responsible, nor can we impose responsibility on another. Responsibility is a choice. It is an empowering place to stand.
In COR language, responsibility is a grace the Healthy Self gives to the self.

Responsibility means I own my actions, my feelings, my experiences and my choices as mine without assigning blame or fault to someone or something else. This is deeply against our egoic Survivor Self (As described in point II) instincts yet it’s the path to mature and lasting growth and inner freedom.
Placing the blame or judgment on someone or something else leaves us powerless to change. Taking responsibility for our experiences gives us ultimate freedom and power, and creates healthy and loving relationships.

IX. Self Expression

The permission to fully express who we are is an essential part of the COR experience. All parts of you are welcome, and we foster an environment that allows people to express all their uniqueness, their gifts, their pains, their shadows, and their gold. We welcome all of the human experience and believe that full self-expression and authenticity are beautiful. Through allowing expression of both the light and the shadow parts of our human experience in a safe and conscious way, we foster honesty and aliveness.

X. Connection & Community

We have found that sharing the journey of healing and growth in community with other people is critical for our development. In various settings this may include a one-on-one relationship with a coach or with several people in a sharing circle or workshop. The communal and public aspect of workshops often provides exponential growth compared to one-on-one coaching. We encourage connection within and without the COR community. Participation in clubs, social groups, volunteer organizations, churches, etc. is important for continued growth and integration.

XI. Giving Space to Not Knowing

Although we deeply appreciate the wonderful capacities of the human mind, we hold it that “figuring things out” is not the deepest level of healing or transformation. We encourage a willingness to “not know”, to allow, to have a beginner’s mind in our workshops and in life.

XII. Opening to Grace

At COR, we believe that inner work is done most holistically and effectively when we address all aspects of our humanity; the physical, emotional, and mental, as well as the spiritual. We use concepts such as meditation, prayer/invocation, and Higher Power/The Eternal or Grace, and we do this in as inclusive a way as possible. We hold it that the greatest healing does not come through our intellectual knowledge, but through love, prayer, presence and an openness to Grace.

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