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Does this sound like you?

You are constantly self-sabotaging your ability to succeed?
You avoid conflict or feel combative in disagreements?
You want more compassion in your relationships and long for ways to better express your own needs?
You are easily charged and don’t know how to settle yourself to feel grounded?

What would it be like to build more TRUST and CONFIDENCE in yourself?

What would it be like to build essential leadership skills so you can:

Respond rather than react?
Be more generous than self-serving?
Walk your talk and lead with integrity, honesty, and compassion?

Join us for five online classes where we share practical leadership tools that you can bring into your job, family life, volunteer work– wherever you’re feeling called or challenged as a leader.

For free!

These powerful leadership distinctions and tools will have a profound impact on your life!

Leadership Classroom DETAILS

We will hold five 90-minute online classroom sessions (via Zoom), where we will teach a skill or dynamic we consider essential to leadership.

The Three Selves in Leadership
Communication that Connects: Listening
Communication that Connects: Speaking
From Reaction to Response
Adult Spirituality in Leadership

After each teaching, there will be guided breakout groups to share about the themes and how they apply in your own life. Then we’ll conclude with a Q&A session.

As a bonus, we’ll provide an optional homework assignment for the upcoming month to help you implement your new insights and learnings and make it real.

All are welcome!

All calls are held on Thursdays from 11:00am – 12:30pm PT via Zoom.

Attend one or all of the sessions:
Fall 2024 Dates Coming Soon!


We love sharing our most essential leadership tools. Why? Because we are passionate about a world guided by integrity, honesty, and compassion.

We are committed to supporting leaders who respond rather than react, are generous rather than self-serving, and who walk the talk themselves.

These are the fundamental skills that have guided our work for 30 years and positively impacted thousands of people.



The Three Selves in Leadership

Discover how your Wounded Self and Survivor Self are currently sabotaging your leadership and gain tools to lead from your Healthy Self so your leadership can be successful, sustained, and joyful.

Communication that Connects: Speaking

How do we speak in a way that is direct, yet kind – that is honest and compassionate? Requests, agreements, needs, appreciations, and thanks are the lifeblood of good communication and intimacy. Learn the essential tools for being understood by another person through wise speech.

Communication that Connects: Listening

Do you struggle in conversations where there is conflict or disagreement? What if you didn’t fear these conversations or leave them feeling drained or combative? Learn the foundational skills of listening in order to build trust, respect & connection.

From Reaction to Response

With the Body’s Help! If you have ever felt out of control or frozen when emotionally triggered, examining the body’s role in times of stress is critical. Learn the somatic skills that allow you to respond to triggers and emotional charges as opportunities for responsible, grounded, and empowered leadership.

Adult Spirituality in Leadership

A healthy relationship with Grace is essential for truly powerful and transcendent leadership. Learn how presence and attuning to Grace allows you to step toward challenges with more trust and ease.


Join us for one or all five of the upcoming COR Leadership Classrooms: 


Fall 2024 dates coming soon

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Be Sure To Check Out This Free Guide

At COR, we believe as adults we sometimes act out in dysfunctional ways as a result of the wounding we experienced as children. That pain can leave us feeling unloved, unseen, or misunderstood. It makes us question whether or not we’re actually good or worthy of love.

As a result of these painful experiences, we split into three distinct selves – The Wounded Self, The Survivor Self, and The Healthy Self.

Our free guide “Is Your Survivor Self Running You?” is an interactive tool to identify the core motivations that inform your behavior and helps you navigate your relationships in a healthy and fulfilling way, and will help anchor you for the Leadership Classroom series.

93% of COR participants say this work had an extraordinarily positive impact on their life.


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