At COR, the June theme has been Commitment and Integrity, two very important pillars of the transformational journey.

We’ve had two people take on this subject, from Freida’s Introductionto this theme, about how she learned a lesson in integrity as soon as she signed up to write the newsletter.

Aaron’s teaching on the COR Alumni Call about Commitment and Integrity maps out four steps to sticking with a commitment to help you deepen your understanding of commitment and integrity.

As you can see, this theme has so many facets and we really could go on all year writing about this. Being in integrity with ourselves and one another, and committing to something or someone that is important to us is not easy at all, and if you’re anything like me, it is a lifetime practice. 

To assist you, I made three Getting to the CORe Podcast episodes this month about Commitment and Integrity:

Episode 16 is a recorded FB Live Ask Me Anything Session about Commitment & Integrity.

In Episode 17, the caller Lena receives coaching on how to stand by herself regarding a major decision she made, and how important inner integrity is to one’s overall happiness. Learn how to stay committed to what is true for you, and what most aligns with your deepest values.

Episode 18 is a guided, simple yet powerful Commitment Statement Development Practice. Listen to this episode anytime you want or need an act of courage in your life, are ready to commit to a new way of being or achieve a particular goal that is in integrity with your highest values.

I hope any and all of these episodes help you to make Commitment and Integrity an even greater part of your life. Each episode will give you plenty of proven tools.

Sending you much love,