At COR, the April theme has been Truth and Honesty, two very important pillars of the transformational journey.

We’ve had several people’s take on this subject, from Lee’s introduction to this theme, about how we at COR value truth as a courageous and unwavering preference for and trust in reality, and why we think they are required for any emotional and spiritual maturity.

To Steven’s brave and beautiful newsletter about how truth and honesty are a path to intimacy, and him modeling that by letting you know what some of the things were that he definitely would rather not say to anyone.

To Aaron coming out of his paternity leave to make a great video newsletter about how truth creates self-love, and how if we are not truthful we’ll end up not liking ourselves very much.

As you can see, this theme has so many facets and we really could go on all year writing about this. Being honest, with ourselves or others, is not easy at all, and if you’re anything like me, it’s is a lifetime practice.

I invite you, along with me, to make honesty and truth a major focal point of your life. I promise you, you’ll have more aliveness, more self-love, more intimacy and more joy in your life. 

To assist you, I made two Getting to the CORe Podcast episodes this month about truth and honesty:

Episode 10 is a recorded coaching session about truth and honesty when it’s time for a change in our lives, and what to do with the fears that arise. The caller, Jen has done transformational work for years, including the COR Woman Workshop. Listen to how Jen explores embarking on a career change, after realizing she wants to make money with what she is truly passionate about. Travel with her as she, instead of letting fear and doubt hold her back, finds a new way to support herself in stepping forward into her gifts to the world. Learn how experiences from Jen’s past that used to hold her back, get transformed into a beautiful support system.

Episode 12 is a powerful guided 15-minute “Taking an Honest Look at my Life” Practice designed to help you go through the major areas of your day to day life. You will discern where in your life a change is needed so more of your true self can be more expressed in your life. You will learn how to practically apply this, so it actually happens. Do to this practice anytime you want or need a life overhaul or an honest look at where your life is at. Each time you practice this, it will become more and more natural to align your life more with what is truly important to you.

I hope both these episodes help you to make truth and honesty an even greater part of your life. Both episodes will give you plenty of proven tools.

To your ever-growing ability to honestly be here and truthfully fully show up, no matter what!

Much love,