This week’s practice is to say “YES” to everything.

You may want to select an hour or, if you are really brave a day, and in that timeframe say “YES” to everything. YES, I mean everything! Don’t forget to keep breathing and remember your yes can happen on different levels:

Externally – when someone asks you for something or to do something your response is always “YES”. Notice how it feels to respond positively, even if your initial internal reaction was a big NO. I would be careful who you tell about this experiment, as they may take advantage! See if you can have fun, relax, open your heart and find your genuine Yes.

Internally – say Yes to whatever arises, a feeling, a thought, a physical sensation. Take a deep breath and whisper internally “yes” and see if you can open your heart as you breath out, let go and truly embrace whatever has arisen.

At the end of your agreed time period reflect on how the practice was for you. To truly say “Yes to life” and everything that arises from that. Were you able to soften your heart to all of life?

“The child says yes not because he is afraid. He says yes because he loves, because he trusts. He says yes because he is innocent: he cannot conceive that he can be deceived. His yes is a tremendous trust. It is not out of fear, it is out of deep innocence. Only this yes can lead him to the ultimate peak of consciousness.” – Osho: Excerpted from Zarathustra: A God That Can Dance.