This is a quote from Osho who says it so beautifully…

“You are already integrated. Not on the periphery – on the periphery there is much turmoil. You are fragmented on the periphery. Move inwards and the deeper you go, the more you will find that you are integrated. There comes a point at the very innermost shrine of your being, where you suddenly find you are a unity, absolute unity. So it is a question of discovering. How to discover it?”

I would like to give you a technique. It is a very simple technique, but in the beginning it looks very hard. If you try you will find it is simple. The technique is to find something which you enjoy, and put your heart fully into enjoying. Try it – because enjoyment comes only from your center. If you are doing something and you enjoy it, you start getting reconnected from the center. Joy arises from the center, and from nowhere else. So let it be a criterion, and be a fanatic about it.

The secret is: that there be something that you have started to enjoy. That’s the whole secret. A painter may be hungry and painting, and still you can see that his face is so contented. A poet may be poor, but when he is singing his song, he is the richest in the world. Nobody is richer than him. What is the secret of it? The secret is he is enjoying this moment. Whenever you enjoy something, you are in tune with yourself and you are in tune with the universe – because your center is the center of all.

Find something this month that you ENJOY doing, that brings you Joy, for no other reason that it makes your heart sing – dancing, painting, being with animals or being in nature. Fall deeply in tune with yourself, and let yourself be passionately engaged with what you are doing. Find your center and your deep Joy through this activity. Give yourself to it totally, become a child again, innocent and free. How would it be to live your life from this place?