“On the transformational journey, we are often so quick to dive into the pain, but joy is just as important…”

At COR, the July theme has been Joy, Celebration and Letting in the Good. On the transformational journey, we are often so quick to dive into the pain, but joy is just as important, has just as much to teach us, and is in fact a deep part of our true nature.

We had a powerful and inspiring introduction into this theme by Shandra, explaining why this is so important and how to actually do it. Please re-read if you missed it. Letting in the good is paramount to actually changing our brain chemistry for the positive, so I postponed my Getting to the Cor/e Podcast Summer Break to make 2 more episodes to support you with this. I wanted to leave you with a really great practical tool while the Podcast rests, and I am preparing for Season 2.

In Episode 19 the caller Derek is dealing with the sense that everything he does is not enough, and is struggling to really celebrate his accomplishments. Listen to how Derek learns how to let in the good in his life, even with that voice telling him it’s not enough. Learn about the importance of letting in the good, how to actually do it, and the impact this can have on your brain and your happiness!

Episode 20 is a 4 step 10-minute simple yet extremely powerful meditation. It’s designed to help you counteract your brain’s negative bias by focusing on and letting in the good in your life, rather than dwelling on what’s going wrong or what is missing. Use this beautiful practice weekly and even daily to gain more clarity, lasting peace, and deeper happiness. Listen to this meditation anytime you want to let in the good, especially if you notice you are struggling to do so!

I hope both of these episodes help you to make Letting in the Good, Celebrating, and finding Joy an even greater part of your life. The Getting to the COR Podcast has now completed its first season with 20 powerful episodes that you can review any time you need an extra transformation boost. We will now go now on a belated and well deserved Podcast summer break.

We will also scale the weekly newsletters back to twice monthly right now as we are developing some exciting new tools for you. We are committed to finding the best ways to support you before, during and after you participate in any of our programs and coaching, so stay tuned for more.

Sending you much love,