Last week, Lee wrote about men needing to grow up and show up more. This week, I’m writing about women needing to do the same.

While, as Lee mentioned, most women naturally know about sacrifice by enduring pain through monthly bleedings and childbirth, many of us still haven’t “grown up” in other ways. Our current individualistic and isolated cyber culture is a breeding ground for emotional, social and spiritual immaturity. It’s time for all of us Cinderellas to own the Queens that we are, to take a seat on the throne of our being and show up in the world with all that we’ve got. Just like the men, we women are needed!

I will always stand up for the dignity and worth of women. There is still a long way to go for women to be equally appreciated and valued in this world, and perhaps even more importantly, for us to feel safe, protected and honored. Yet we also play a part in this and need to firmly protect our own worth.

If we truly want to grow up, we must ask ourselves: Are we really free? Or do we still behave like we are helpless? Are we being eaten from within by that all-pervasive, deep-seated feminine unworthiness that makes us settle for crumbs of approval? Do we continue disliking our bodies and constantly comparing ourselves to others? Are we incredibly hard on ourselves and never measure up to our own inner standards? Do we look for love in all the wrongs places with unavailable, distant, or dishonoring partners? Do we attempt to take on masculine traits at work so we’ll be accepted as equally worthy by our male colleagues?

Is our life mainly about our “little me”? Does everything mentioned above distract us from showing up in the world as loving leaders and changemakers, and from sacrificing for something bigger than ourselves?

Over and over in our workshops, I notice the answer to most of these questions for a lot of women is still yes. And a sad yes that is!

Regardless of societal status, it seems many of us women still have not fully found direct access to our inherent worthiness, dignity, and feminine power. So, dear readers, my invitation is for all of us, men and women alike, to step up and claim who we really are.

How? Trust that deeper call from within to know your power and your worth. Say YES to it, even if you do so hesitantly or tentatively at first. Let that call uncover the ways in which you still might be playing small. Let it shed any ego or defensive strategy that does not serve you anymore. Let it illuminate your goodness and your beauty.

Let’s trust that feeling deep down that keeps on beckoning us, even now. There is something beautiful and glorious about being a human being, so let’s realize this sacred potential. Let’s give ourselves fully to that greater Love this call is pointing us to, which sometimes means sacrificing what our “little me” wants for the “Greater We.”

So let’s step up, men and women, all together! Let’s show up and help this world become a beautiful place where everyone can belong and everyone can win.

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Blessing and Love,