This week we are so proud and happy to announce that two of our COR trainees just completed their COR Woman Facilitation Training and are now fully qualified to facilitate COR Woman on their own.

We are thrilled to welcome Shandra LaMotte and Chrissy Brady-Smith to our Facilitation Faculty! 

As you might have heard, Lee and I are in the process of training others to take over the facilitation of our entry level workshops like COR Woman (formerly Celebration of Woman), Noble Man and eventually Radiant Woman (formerly Power of Love) so we can focus on our more advanced programs like Kings and Queens, the Leadership Development Training, the Advanced Leadership & Facilitation Training, on offering our work to the corporate world through COR Corporate, and on starting our COR Foundation for underprivileged youth, their parents and teachers.

Therefore we are so excited to have Shandra and Chrissy take over the COR Woman facilitation. They are both incredibly gifted, skilled and competent facilitators who have gone through an intense and beautiful process themselves to be able to offer their unique and special gifts to all the women who will be entrusted to them in the years to come.

Here is what they have to say about their journey:

Chrissy Brady-Smith

In 2012, I did COR Woman for the first time and experienced the deepest healing of my life. I released years of shame, anger and sexual trauma from my past, and in turn reclaimed my connection to God in a way that was personal and unique to me. Thanks to this workshop I found my voice and purpose as a woman and vowed to bring this work to my community. I immediately signed up for COR’s Leadership Training even though I had no idea where this process would take me, and it certainly wasn’t easy! Over the next 4 years, I began leading my own workshops, started facilitating COR Woman and Noble Man, and even built my own women’s empowerment coaching business. Shandra and I are so honored to lead COR Woman together and we get in our bones what a privilege this is. Thank you for trusting us with your hearts.

Shandra LaMotte

My journey also began in 2012 when I first took COR Woman. The workshop was a turning point in my life when I finally found my voice and began to speak up for what I wanted and what I believed in. It was when I reclaimed my body as beautiful and healthy, when I healed years of trauma and heartbreak, and when I finally began to believe in my own worth. This rite of passage into certification has been quite the journey of constantly saying yes, sisterhood, and diving into the depths of my soul! I feel honored to lead COR Woman with Chrissy because I truly feel this is how we can heal the world, by healing the hearts of women. And that’s what I want for every woman and every teenage girl— for them to know their own glory, beauty, power and worth. As a COR Facilitator and Teen Empowerment Coach, I feel blessed to facilitate the healing of women of all ages.

We encourage you to reach out to them personally to congratulate them or to inquire about their individual coaching services. You can contact Chrissy here and Shandra here.

Or, if you are a woman new to our work, give yourself the gift of alifetime— come and let these two amazing ladies guide you to recognize and step into your full glory as a woman by attending COR Woman.

If you are a man, tell your women friends and family about the upcoming COR Woman. This is one of the best ways you can support and empower them!

Love and blessings,