The weekend before last, Britta and I had the amazing opportunity to co-lead the largest Noble Man weekend we’ve ever put on in the United States. 21 new Noble Men were supported in their weekend initiation by 21 female staff, 7 male staff, and a team of 6 lead staff. It was an amazing experience.

But what really struck me at this Noble Man wasn’t the number of initiations but the power of every man’s healing work to reach beyond himself. To ripple out into the world.

When one man or woman “does their work” it affects many people. We make a huge impact in the world when we take the risk of stepping into the best version of ourselves.  And when we witness other people’s transformation, it changes us.

All of these Noble Men’s initiations were powerful events that left their fellow participants and the staff transformed and truly inspired. Each one was an opportunity to see our own healthy self reflected back to us in a new way.

As Aaron Steinberg, our Enrollment Manager, told one new Noble Man after his initiation, “You just shifted the direction of humanity!” It’s not just a figure of speech.

When our eyes are opened by witnessing someone else’s rite of passage, we realize new extraordinary possibilities for the first time— about them, ourselves, and those we live and work with.

It changes who we are for the better.

One man’s initiation left me with an absolutely new and profound appreciation for my own wounded, younger self and how I can relate to that part of me in a truly powerful and healing way. His work was my work. Not only that, his rite of passage gave me eyes to see others differently— with more compassion.

The power of these initiations ripples out to the staff and participants there, as well as to the people in that person’s life, and then to the people in that person’s life. And on it goes.

Really, love wants to happen. We just need to let it. 

We invite you to join us as a staff or participant for one of our upcoming weekends and let love happen.

If you’re new to our work, come experience your own powerful rite of passage into the man or woman you truly are. If it’s been a while since you staffed, come give yourself the extraordinary gift of staffing for your brothers or sisters.  It will change you.

By the way, as we’ve noted in our last few newsletters, we’re going through our own powerful and exciting rite of passage here at Celebration of Being. We are being initiated into something new and exciting. We can’t wait to share it with you!