The most important relationship you’ll ever have is your relationship to Grace. You can use your own word of choice in place of the word Grace–God, Source, Spirit, the Divine, or the Great Mystery, but regardless, it is the most important relationship you will ever have. It simply goes straight to the core of your being. 

Your heart is the portal to Grace

The heart is your portal into both your human dimension and your divine dimension. The human dimension is our horizontal dimension, representing the dimension of time and space within our humanity. It incorporates our feelings, our wounds, challenges, heartbreaks, and limitations. The divine dimension is more vertical, containing infinite and limitless Grace, expanding beyond time and space–our connection to the Divine. Although these two dimensions can seem very different, the heart is found right at the center of them both, connecting you to both. 

The more we open to our humanity, the more we will open to our divinity, and vice versa, and the heart holds it all. That’s why I call my 6 months spiritual group coaching program Heart CORe. 

Blockages that stop us from accessing Grace

We all want access to that Great Heart, the Heart of God–of Love and Truth. The heart is the place where all graces flow from; it’s the primary source. And yet, the access to this heart can become quite blocked, and so can our access to the qualities it contains, like love, compassion, and wisdom.

One way in which our access to Grace can become blocked is when we guard our heart and become unwilling to feel the pain that might be there. In our COR workshops, we help you actually feel your feelings in a safe way, allowing you to understand how they can be gateways to Grace. But in normal life, we are often guarded and we don’t enter that deeper place. A healthy way to be with one’s feelings is to neither repress them nor act them out, but instead to simple be with them as they arise. Then they become portals into Grace, into this Great Heart. 

A second block is mistrust. We lose trust in our own goodness or the goodness of others, including the trust in a Loving Goodness that created all this. We experience our own pain, and see so much suffering in the world, and can’t even fathom how this place could possibly be a loving source of Grace. We become distrustful, defensive, and guarded, building up more and more protection over the years due to the unfinished grief, trauma, and wounds we’ve experienced throughout our lives. There’s often unfinished material within our little human heart that needs to be dealt with before we can properly access the Great Heart. 

Some of us have also experienced a third block–spiritual and religious trauma. This trauma comes from growing up in an environment where what we were taught about God was confusing, or sometimes even downright harmful. As such, we have grown up to become distrustful of anything spiritual all together. 

For others of us, spirituality was never taught to us at all, in any capacity. We had no religious or spiritual formation, never experienced prayer, meditation or any form of communal worship of the Sacred. So we simply don’t know about it.

All of this therefore blocks this very natural access to our Greater Heart.

Re-opening our access to Grace

When we are blocked, we walk around in a limited state, where we are basically always reactive to our surroundings. If we don’t surrender to Grace, if we don’t let go into that Great Heart, we instead surrender into our Survivor Self, or our ego. We walk around listening to the judgmental, harsh, divisive, fearful, contractive, and critical voices in our heads. They tell us we’re all alone in this hostile world, and they warn us that we need to protect ourselves at all times. 

Of course, sometimes we do need to be guarded, but that shouldn’t be the majority of our life’s experience. Most of us in the Western World, most of the time, are objectively safe and there is no reason to guard ourselves in this way.

This leads me to the reason I created the Heart CORe program: to help us all gain greater access to grace, so we can reclaim our natural ability to access what we love mos, and what brings us the most lasting joy.

Grace must be found internally. If we keep chasing Grace on the outside, we’ll never find it. We have to connect to the presence of Grace within first, then we’ll see it everywhere outside too. The Survivor Self relaxes, our wounds heal, and we find ourselves in a place where we don’t need anything – where we can be fulfilled with very little. We are actually quite content with who we are and what we have.

HeartCORe is a 6-month program where you will not only get to engage together with each other, but you will also get to work one-on-one with me. It’s actually the only program I offer where you get one-on-one time with me. I will help you work through and shift your blockages to clear the path through your heart to grace. On top of that, we will have group practices where you can work on implementing various practices into your daily life, building tools for a lifetime. You will be surrounded by a supportive network of others who are all finding that path to grace together. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the HeartCORe program, click here, or feel free to contact me directly ( if you have any questions.