One of the main questions we hear from people after they experience a COR workshop – or even several COR workshops – is, “How do I take this new knowledge and apply it to other areas of my life?” They think that, although they’ve done significant work on themselves, discovered new life-changing insights and tools, and deepened their connection to Grace, they still aren’t ready to apply these new connections to their workplaces, to their families, and to their relationships. They’re on fire with a new vision, new insights, and new possibilities, but they don’t feel prepared or “qualified” to really be a catalyst for change in the world.

It’s a frustrating spot to be in! 

Some of you may have felt this way. You may feel you simply lack the confidence or the skill set, and you think you’re just not good enough at leadership. It’s normal to feel this way – it’s part of the Human Condition.

But that’s what our Leadership Development Training is all about – to give you a toolkit you can use to bring leadership, and to bring COR’s teachings into every aspect of your life.

Doing the work yourself isn’t enough

Many of us who have done spiritual and psychological work and followed that journey towards gratitude, connection, and Healthy Self development  have also felt the deep ache and yearning to help others with the same journey.

We know there’s something inside of us that we need to share with the world. We know we aren’t the source of healing and Grace, but we can be powerful conduits of it. And we are passionate about getting it out there into the world to guide others. It’s a calling. 

We’ve seen so many people over the years who have struggled to bring this new, integrated, self into all aspects of their life, and out into the world.

For many, the question becomes: Now what? They think, “I’ve done the work on myself, but how do I bring this into my life and work and family?”

We can’t just follow our callings blindly – we need mentors, spiritual guides who can show us how to transform what we already have within us into a teachable, shareable journey for others to follow. We need to be able to  bridge the gap and turn our callings, our soul’s yearning to help, into reality. 

Living a split life

When we are stuck at this precipice of having done the work but not knowing how to integrate it with the rest of our lives, we find ourselves living a split existence. We’ve touched the goal, and experienced the flame, but we don’t know how to live that existence full time. We go to work, or come home to our families, or call our parents, and we somehow can’t access our Healthy Self in a consistent and powerful way. . 

And it’s exhausting to carry these parts of ourselves through a split existence. When are we supposed to put on which hat? Who are we, actually, in each moment of our lives?

Leadership Development Training

Imagine what it would be like to step into the Healthiest version of yourself and bring that into all aspects of your life. Imagine the impact it would have on you – and those around you.

If you’ve envisioned this, now it’s time to find out what it’s like to live it. If this pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that the world needs real, skilled, and courageous leaders who walk their talk. Are you willing to answer the call to be that kind of leader? 

COR’s Leadership Development Training helps you integrate your calling, the beautiful connection of power and love and wisdom that lives within you, into your own life and your own relationships. It gives you an entire toolkit for using leadership in your life, providing the skills you need to practice leadership from the inside out, and insisting on being in your Healthy Self in all aspects of your life. 

The best part is, LDT gives you the better part of 10 months to cultivate this, with frequent  touchstones to guide you. In LDT, you’re working with people the whole time to get right down into the nitty gritty of daily life, because that’s where it matters. It’s what COR’s teachings are meant to be – not held privately, but shared with everyone around us.

Let’s turn the world on. Join us here: