In the town of San Rafael, here in Northern California, there is a long pretty avenue in the neighborhood of Terra Linda that’s lined with oak trees. Every year at this time, those trees turn dark crimson, orange, and gold.

It always surprises me and makes me smile. I forget each year that it’s going to happen until I see it. (It’s one of the few signs of autumn we get here.) The trees are letting go – and in a stunningly beautiful way.

Transformation always begins with a “let go.” Much about this time of year invites us to reflect on how our year has been and what might be ready for the rich, renewing process of transformation.


The metamorphosis of autumn isn’t tragic and it doesn’t mean that “something’s wrong.” It’s just part of the process of growth and renewal.

When we can allow ourselves to embrace transformation as good and normal, rather than proof of some kind of “failure,” we can see the crimson, orange, and gold leaves of the present moment as beautiful invitations for renewal.

What about you, dear reader? As we head into October, what is waiting to transform in YOU?

We encourage you to spend some time reflecting on your personal and professional life. In both the spiritual and material realms, reflecting on the lessons learned so far in 2016. What is ready to “fall” away, so that what you are passionate about can be manifested?

We at COR encourage you to take the time to reflect on all of this. As always, we are totally committed to assisting you in making your heart’s deepest dreams and desires come true.