According to the Greek mythology, there are 4 forms of Love.

Storge: Love within Families or between family members. It is the love of a mother, a father, a brother, a sister etc.

Phileo: Friendship and affectionate brotherly/sisterly love of neighbor or kinsmen.

Eros: Romantic and erotic love between lovers.

Agape: Unconditional Love, Divine Love, God’s Love-The BIG all-inclusive Love.

All three of the first mentioned forms of love find their completion in Agape, the highest form of love, or the most mature form of love and the most inclusive form of love.

Our whole life we are in some kind of relationship to other human beings. And all our relationships have the potential to teach us about love. I believe the longing for that BIG Love is planted in our heart, body and spirit by some divine plan so we can fulfill our purpose – to live that Love here on earth as much as humanly possible. No matter how different we are from each other, underneath all our differences, everyone here is a sister or a brother on that same journey: To really discover what love is and how to consciously live it.

When we become aware of this, we can truly use our relationships (ANY relationship with ANYONE) as a vehicle for profound inner growth. And the more intimate and deep our relationships are the more we have the opportunity to become willing to engage in that which usually keeps us separate and not present in life. We can learn through these situations about Conscious Love with relationship as a spiritual practice and clear the mind and open the heart.

All intimate relationships, be it between friends (Phileo), lovers (Eros), family members (Storge) and our relationship with the Divine (Agape) offer a path towards the Heart, where the wounds of the past and the confusion of the present can be received in loving kindness, compassion and awareness.

Here’s to a new vision of beautiful, awake relationships that help us come fully into the present moment and bring us to our connection to the Divine. How about finding our true Belovedness and the Belovedness of the other in our relationships? How about letting that allow us to complete our true nature? How about making a decision to live life as the Beloved – wherever we are at in life, whether we are single or in a couple, old or young, man or woman?