Yea, spring is here!
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The blossoms are finally coming out, the birds are singing and it’s getting warmer and warmer each day. I personally LOVE this time, and can’t wait to go outside as much as possible.

What is it about spring that is so appealing to the human heart and soul? I believe spring offers us the promise to bring us out of the cold and dark of winter, and into the light and sunshine of our being.
It is a time of hope and potential for a new beginning; no matter how long we might have been in the dark and caught up in our shadow.
There is always a new moment, a new opportunity. The present moment presents itself over and over again with the same invitation: To actually say yes to it, and join the rest of creation in it’s celebration. To me no season makes this more obvious than spring time.
Spring also invites us to embrace transition and leave behind that which no longer serves us in order to begin fresh and anew. Whether we’ve experienced joys, sorrows, or challenges in the past, holding onto the past prevents us from welcoming this present moment and open to new experiences and possibilities.
And “the past” can mean anything from 50 years ago, yesterday or even just a few hours ago!
So for this month of April we encourage you to begin again. NOW. We invite you to …s-l-o-w… d-o-w-n… and just be here.
Let it sink in for a few moments that there really is no past (Isn’t that actually the truth? Where is the past other than in our memories, our thoughts?) and no future (Same here, where is the future other than in our thoughts, our fantasies, worries and imagination?).
Ask yourself: If this very moment truly was a new beginning how do I want to engage with it? How do I choose to meet the people and circumstances in my life today?

Join us here at Celebration of Being as we are making the month of April a month of renewal so we can experience directly what life offers us, in each moment. 

Let’s shift together from our usual over-thinking mode to not only the feeling mode, but actually the sensing mode.
In each moment, as we encounter our daily life, let’s pay attention to the sensations arising in the body and let’s actually be with those sensations, as they come and go. How about trusting our body’s felt sense and innate intelligence to guide us?
To be present is our natural state, and to participate in the renewal of life in all of creation is so much more fun than to be jaded. We are made to receive the grace of the present moment and rejoice in it!
We would love to hear from you over on our Facebook page – how will you be slowing down and renewing each moment?
Much love and blessings,