So often, the month of February and especially Valentine’s Day brings up so many triggers for us around love and fulfillment, and especially around our own worthiness. But what if we reframed it?

Two weeks ago, one of our COR workshop graduates and Event Managers, Jennifer Underwood, wrote an amazing article about how she has reclaimed Valentine’s Day. She now takes the month of February to look at whether she is full of passion and love for life rather than concentrating on whether she’s in a satisfying romantic partnership.

Read below to see what she had to say:

“Knowing your value and your worth isn’t a destination, it’s a journey, for sure. I know that for me it will forever be a thing that I come back to and reaffirm within myself.

But when I start to tie these core beliefs into my relationships with other people, that’s where I really get into trouble. The idea that a relationship would one day complete me, or give me that sense of worth and belonging that I was searching for, was a story that I bought into for a long time until I realized how disempowering and victimizing it was.

Now, I take the month of February to look at how I’m living my life. If I start to feel that empty hole in my heart of longing, I can recognize it as a need to focus my attention is on whether or not I’m on a path of living authentically, true to myself, and not the need to find some guy who might fill that hole and “complete” me.

When I came to COR, I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for. I had left my job, started a company, and was chasing my dreams, and yet something was still definitely missing. I knew I needed healing on a deep level, healing that I wasn’t getting out of years of traditional counseling and therapies.

Something was missing— there was definitely a hole that I had been trying to fill with men, addictions, and distractions. I knew that the wounds I was carrying around with me were deeply impacting my ability to live my life fully.

Those three days at my COR Woman changed my life. I learned how to dip into my pain and traumas, and how to move through my emotions instead of run and hide from them. I received the healing I had always dreamed of but never really thought was possible.

But possibly even more powerful, for me, was really stepping into who I am and all the power and possibility in my life.

I can truly say now that I love myself, all of myself, even the messy parts, the too big parts, the still slightly bruised and bumped parts. I have found a community that fully embraces me and really supports me, loves me, and pushes me to be better. I found a deeper commitment to my passions, my creativity, and my life.

My work at COR was, and continues to be, integral to stopping the slow suicide of my soul that I referenced in my Valentine’s Day article.

If any day or event starts to trigger that feeling of a pit inside of you, a questioning of your worth, my invitation is to consider reframing it. These triggers can also be an opportunity to look at the ways you can create that fulfilling passion and love in your life and in your dreams, rather than searching for outside sources to fill that hole.”

We at COR invite you to reclaim the month of February, just like Jen did. Rather than looking outside of yourself, to relationships or money or achievements, to validate your worthiness, we instead invite you to look inside. We invite you to compassionately look at your triggers coming up, the ways you try to fill or distract yourself from the holes in your life, and reframe them as an opportunity to create a life that fulfills you.

And if you or anyone in your community is ready to “get in here,” to have a life changing experience like Jen did, and to get real and raw, going straight to the heart of what is holding you back, we invite you to set up a discovery call with one of our facilitators, to get clear on if one of our COR workshops would be right for you.