Last week, Britta introduced our theme for the month (Renewal and Self-Care) and invited us to be loving and kind toward ourselves. She even presented us with the challenge: How can you be more loving towards yourself this week and each week to follow in April?

I have to admit, I have definitely felt challenged in prioritizing self-care! I’ve just completed a very busy workshop schedule and was looking forward to having more breathing room, but now I’ve come home to what feels like mountains of things to do.

When I’m faced with that kind of overwhelm, I notice self-talk like this: “I can’t because there’s not enough time… I’ll just tackle one more thing… I have to keep going because people need me.” More time passes by that I’m not stopping to renew myself. It’s like I’m stuck on a fast-moving train that won’t stop.

Until I choose to hit the brakes.
Ideally, I like to set up my life so that stopping to take time for myself happens with ease rather than occurring as an abrupt shift in momentum, but it doesn’t always go that way and that’s OK.

I see now that whenever I choose to be loving toward myself, it’s always a good thing. The world won’t end when I decide to turn off my phone and ignore my computer for a whole weekend! (I know this because that’s what I did this past weekend.) In fact, everyone in my life is likely to be better off in the long-run because when I’m loving to myself, I am that much more loving toward others.

In my years of working with COR, I’ve heard from many of you that you can relate to this “No Time” challenge in your everyday lives. Particularly, in my Client Care role, one of the most common roadblocks that people face when deciding to attend a COR workshop—whether it’s their first time with us or not—is facing whatever it will take to set aside the time. So many seemingly valid reasons for why you shouldn’t go can pop up … I need to take care of my business, or my kids, (or both) and it will be so hard for everyone with me gone.

At our recent COR Woman workshop in Florida, we had many mothers in attendance! It was incredibly inspiring to see all of these women committing to their own self-care by taking the time away from their families, their jobs, and their businesses to attend this workshop. In checking in with them following their workshop experience, it is clear that their choice to come to COR Woman and put themselves first has brought about miraculous renewal. They are experiencing their lives from new and fresh perspectives, as well as being grounded in themselves. There is a rejuvenation in their partnerships, in friendships, in motherhood, in spirituality, in their sensuality, and in simply being alive!

Georgia Lobban, a mother and business-owner wrote to us about her experience:

By the end of the workshop, I had great clarity. I felt a ray of light beaming through me. My greatest breakthrough has come upon my arrival home.

For the first time since I can remember, I can “see” my young daughter, who is independent strong-willed and who is full of energy, laughter, and sillies. The other day, her laughter beamed through me and I couldn’t help laughing in response although I had no idea what we were laughing about. When I heard her roar at someone who apparently threatened her individuality, that made me smile on the inside as I now recognize it as her Kali energy. Only a few short days before, I would have responded to that in fear of her being too aggressive.

We now use the same two-word check-in that we practiced at COR. My daughter and I check in first thing in the morning and just before bed – which has been great in helping her open up to me about how she’s feeling. It has been great for me too, to check in with myself to see how I’m feeling. When my check-in reveals I am agitated or tired it prompts me to indulge in a little self-care – doing something that makes me feel good – if even for 5-10 minutes.”

In hearing about what Georgia is receiving in her life because of her choice to attend COR Woman, I smile and my own spirit is lifted! I’m remembering why I chose to attend all of the workshops that I have in the past 2 months. Being in spaces like the one provided at our workshops is a space of renewal. To be in service of others is resourcing for me. When I get to express my leadership skills through facilitation and strengthen my Healthy Self, I am better equipped to care for others. Plus (and this is a giant plus), I’ve been told that when I am committed to self-care and am open to receiving, my juicy, feminine side really shines!

Is there a woman in your life who you would like to support in choosing self-love and renewal by attending COR Woman? Are you that woman?

Our next COR Woman workshop is June 8-11 in Templeton, California and the early bird deadline to save $200 is coming up onApril 27th.
This is a wonderful opportunity to put yourself first or support a woman you know in doing the same, especially with Mother’s Day coming up in May!

With love and gratitude,