At the end of any given day, take a moment to pause, sit down, maybe light a candle, take a few deep breaths, and let yourself relax into the present moment. In your own way, call on the presence of the Divine, and ask to review your day with the help of the Divine.

1. Find something that happened that went the way you wanted it, and allow gratitude to arise.

2. Then find something ordinary that happened today, something that pretty much happens everyday, like your breath, and see if you can open your heart to let genuine gratitude arise for that.

3. Then see if something happened today that was difficult, that did not go your way, and if you can view that through spiritual eyes. Can you see how it stretched you to open to Love in a way, that maybe it wouldn’t have otherwise? Can you find gratitude for that? Ask for the grace to open that far.

4. Whatever happened during this little practice, find a way to complete it in a sacred way, with a bow, or a spoken or silent prayer, or a simple Thank You to the Divine.