At COR, the May theme has been Surrender, Trust and Letting Go; all very important pillars of the transformational journey.

We have had several people’s take on this subject, from Lee’s introduction to this theme, about how if surrender is an act of giving over, trust is the quality that makes surrender possible. Once we trust, we can surrender and let go.

To Freida’s brave and vulnerable newsletter about surrender & trust in her marriage, and about how she let go into Grace and let herself trust in the process of rebuilding her relationship.

To Jen Underwood’s inspiring newsletter about how surrender is not an action. It’s not a thing to do and how to experience surrender, we have to let go of all the other things we are clinging to, so that we can just… be.

As you can see, this theme has so many facets and we really could go on all year writing about this. To trust, surrender and let go is not easy at all, and if you’re anything like me, it’s is a lifetime practice. 

To assist you, I made two Getting to the CORe Podcast episodes this month about these beautiful themes:

Episode 14 is a recorded coaching session called “Surrendering & Letting go into Vulnerability”. Listen to how Dani explores shifting from Doing to Being and brings this into several areas of her life, particularly into her intimate life, her sexuality. Learn how Dani dares to go for her heart’s longing in a new and vulnerable way.

Episode 15 is a guided 15-minute, Shake and Let It Go Meditation designed for those times when you want or need to let go of something or someone. You will start with a few minutes of shaking and then lie down and go through a whole body tense and relax exercise. You will leave this practice refreshed and relaxed.

I hope both these episodes help you to make trusting, surrendering and letting go an even greater part of your life. Both episodes will give you plenty of proven tools.

So much love,