This past weekend we welcomed another 18 passionate women to our Radiant Woman workshop.

As always, it was a remarkable weekend of powerful transformation. Healing with the opposite gender is the hallmark of our work. And these brave women came to move through their wounds with men.

I always feel privileged to play a part in their healing and to have an intimate view of the courage and passion woman bring. Their need to discover their own powerful selves in the presence of men is strong. And find it they did.

And as always, the men who staffed Radiant Woman, all of whom have completed their own Noble Man weekend, came to give their time and hearts for the sake of these 18 women.

As one of the women said, “Just knowing the men paid to be here, to give their time for us, started my healing.” I had the same feeling.Seeing loving people really show up to support each other, to give their time just so others can find healing, is extraordinarily inspiring.

Many dynamics are at work at these healing weekends: knowing people care enough to show up, having skilled facilitators help explore and heal deep wounds, the safe and loving environment, and the unique and powerful exercises all play a part.

I think, however, the primary gift participants receive at both Radiant Woman and Noble Man is deeper than a new beginning with the opposite sex. It’s really a profound reminder of their own value and self-worth.

In my experience, at the center of dysfunction between men and women is often a lack of valuing one’s own self. Until we can really realize and celebrate our own worth, we keep creating the same patterns of trying to have someone else validate us. Once, however, we really “get” how beautiful and valuable we are, we can approach relationships— and every other part of life— with confidence and joy. 

This is what our Radiant Woman participants got this past weekend. I could see it on their faces. A remarkable awareness— for some women for the very first time in their lives— of their own worthiness. Period. There is a way that men bring that out in women and vice versa. But, the “value” itself belongs to the person. And it’s inherent in each of us.

Next week we’ll look more closely at how our self-worth plays out in relationships. This week my suggested practice is to find one thing that reminds you of your value right now, outside of relationship.
All the best,