Some of us are what I call “Deep Divers” – people who are on a spiritual path and have “The Pang”, the longing or calling to deeply connect to Spirit. And following that pang takes us on a journey that is never-ending, as we can always go deeper. Therefore, it’s so important to get support on that journey, the journey of our relationship to Grace. It needs nurturing and ongoing development, just like any other relationship.

When I was first falling in love with my now-husband, Lee, I remember us being in LA, waiting in line at the DMV one day, and just having the greatest time. This happens to many of us in new relationships: because we are so in love it doesn’t matter where we are. We’re so appreciative of just being with each other and feeling connected, that it even extends to the world around us. I found myself loving everyone else at the DMV that day, and even the DMV building itself. Everything was just amazing. 

Then, three years later, I found myself again in line at the DMV with Lee, and all of a sudden it wasn’t quite so amazing and wonderful anymore! Apparently I had become a little more jaded. Lee and I had been through your first conflicts, things were not so easy any more. I noticed I wasn’t quite so in love with the whole DMV idea any longer. Sound familiar?

This is exactly what happens on our spiritual journey 

When we first start on your journey of spiritual discovery, we usually have some kinds of really cool awakenings. We feel so invigorated and connected to ourselves, others and Grace. We finally found an answer to The Pang!

But over time, just as in any new love story, stuff comes up. We discover more of what blocks us from Grace. We become jaded, and all of a sudden things are not quite so exciting anymore. And it can be so frustrating. We thought we already transformed certained issues, i.e. we thought we’re done doubting ourselves or comparing ourselves to others, but now we find these issues are up again! We fear we’re back where we started.

This is when we need support. 

The spiritual journey is like a spiral staircase; we keep going around and around to what feels like the same place. It’s difficult to rediscover the same old hindrances that we thought we had already dealt with, healed, or transcended in some way. We don’t understand that we have actually gone to another level!

When this happens, we need a spiritual community, we need guides, and a support system to help us keep moving. We’re being asked to go deeper into the unconditional qualities of our essential being – unconditional love, unconditional compassion, and unconditional patience. We are invited to not only be patient at the DMV when we’re totally in love, but also when it’s a completely ordinary day. We are drawn to a level of patience that has nothing to do with the circumstance. 

It’s easy to be patient and grateful when everything goes the way we want it. But the spiritual journey asks us to be grateful even when things aren’t working out the way we want. We are maturing toward a place where gratitude is simply our natural disposition towards life. Gratitude is more and more just who we are. We are now becoming gratitude, love, patience, and  wisdom. 

The spiritual journey is about purifying our motivations.

Mature Truth Seekers and Finders are not any longer on this journey for tangible or physical rewards, but instead, to access that deeper place of understanding and connection. This certainly can be challenging, and doing it alone is even more challenging.

This is why I founded HeartCORe, a six-month journey that gives you a like-minded community of such seekers and finders. It teaches you about six essential pillars on your transformational journey and how to continuously deepen into them. 

Not only do you receive teachings, a group environment, and the support of a community, but you also have me as your one-on-one guide. I’ll help you tap into these places inside of yourself that need support to come to the light, to be seen, held and transformed so that you can open more fully to each of these six pillars in your daily life. And these pillars will stay with you for the rest of your life.

A lot can happen in 6 months. So if you are one of these deep divers with a pang in your soul, and if you need support to get through this next level of your journey, then join us. I’d love to have you with me. Check out the webpage for more information: