Last week Chrissy, one of our COR Facilitators, wrote about her powerful experience when she trusted herself and said yes to something that was really challenging yet super rewarding. I want to continue this train of thought by writing this week about what happens when we listen to “The Call” and say YES.

The way I see it, at the beginning of any worthwhile journey there is “The Call.” The journeyer somehow hears the call and answers with a yesIt might be a hesitant, scared, tentative yes, but a yes it must be if we are to go on our quest and fulfill our mission.

Out of that yes, however timid it might be, something happens that changes the direction and trajectory of our former path.Doors open that we couldn’t even have dreamed of, and all manner of seen and unseen support seems to be flooding in to assist our courageous undertaking.

One of the most rewarding aspects of COR for me is supporting our Leadership Development Trainees to say YES to their particular call. It is just so beautiful to journey with these brave souls through close to a year of them stepping more and more into their purpose, missions, and contributions to the world.

One of our current Leadership Training participants, Kelsey Suedmeyer (who is also our wonderful client care specialist), just completed her “practicum” which is enrolling, designing, producing, and facilitating her own one-day workshop which she did with three other trainees.

Here is how she describes her journey of answering “The Call” that she has had for quite a while in her heart— the call to facilitate others.

 I am so grateful for everything in the training that prepared me to lead my New Beginnings workshop this past weekend. It was amazing! I am thankful for the participants who showed up to that workshop and trusted us completely to hold them and support them in getting off to a powerful start with 2017.

The most challenging part of all of this was the emotional journey I experienced in the week leading up to the workshop. I felt overwhelmed, scared, alone, not good enough, too much, and doubtful if I could even do this. But through what I have learned at the LDT, I stayed in communication with my team, and rather than hiding, did an active meditation and reached out to the rest of the LDT group for support.

The most rewarding thing about actually facilitating the daylong workshop was to experience people’s trust in me. In my being of service to them, they were very open and generous with themselves, sharing themselves with me and allowing themselves to be seen in very vulnerable ways. Being with them as they started to feel more and more empowered and loving was very rewarding. Everyone at our workshop left knowing the gifts that they are! I know now not only that I can do this, but also that I am really good at it!

Pretty inspiring, right? And you, dear reader? What is your call? How are you being called to step forward, out of your comfort zone, and stretch beyond yourself into your unique contribution?What do you want to say YES to in 2017?

The beginning of the year is a great time to reflect on those questions. Whatever your particular call is, I want to encourage you to follow it and let it take you all the way! I promise you, nothing will be more fulfilling than that.

Like we say at COR, “Love wants to happen. Let it!”

Love and Blessings,