It was such an honor to be with many of you at the Power of Love workshop a couple of weeks ago. What a powerful and inspiring weekend. Seeing women step into their feminine essence as the noble men there held space reminded me why we do this work. As I’ve said so many times before, there’s a kind of healing that happens when men and women hold space for each other that doesn’t happen any other way. That cornerstone of the work we do at COB will remain even as we renew our vision as a place of healing. We want to be a resource for you and any woman or man you know who wants to step courageously into their most integrated, empowered selves.

In addition to our Celebration of Woman, Noble Man and Power of Love workshops, we have some great new tools just for you.

The first is the new COB website! It’s a user-friendly resource where you can read our latest blog post from great contributors like Britta, Rajyo, Lee, Gina, Debbie and others. And you can stay updated on what’s coming up – locally and virtually – in the COB community. We’ll also soon have links to some of our favorite teachers, organizations and other resources.

The second tool is our new Daily TLC. Sign up and we’ll send you daily wisdom to inspire, challenge and most of all support you on your journey. It’s free.

Most of us on the human journey share a common shadow – the shadow of isolation. Over the years, we’ve found that one of the biggest challenges – maybe the biggest challenge – to sustained ongoing growth is continuing support. We’ve seen many men and women experience personal breakthroughs on our weekends, only to quickly face crippling isolation and doubt. If you’ve recently attended one of our weekends and want to maintain your new vision, or you’ve attended a weekend a long time ago and have felt yourself slip out of the true self you discovered, we have two words to support for you: Community and Support! Happily we can offer you both.

That’s why we created the third tool – the Celebration of Being Everyday Support Community. It includes:

  • One group coaching call and one group teaching call per month with Lee, Britta or a guest facilitator
  • 10% discount off the price of any product or live event
    • excludes Transformational Leadership Training and Staffing fees
  • Access to private Facebook for ongoing community-member support and growth
  • Access to exclusive Members’ page
  • Annual Coupon for 10% off for a friend

We’d love to be a part of your Everyday Support!