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With clear COVID-19 protocols for testing and limited size, we will resume workshops in Spring 2021. 

We at COR are a stand for every human being to know their beauty, worth and chosenness. 


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“I’ve experienced a lot of personal development work but nothing this powerful— so much love, safety, care, and intention. I walked in with an idea of what I wanted and came away with so much more than I could have ever imagined. Thank you for the work you do and the space you create for us to heal and become even greater people and lovers in this world.”

Natalie Vartanian

Author, Relationship & Intimacy Coach, and Podcast Host


At COR, we create huge shifts for our clients.  We do not identify as a self-improvement organization; we believe there is nothing to “fix” about you. The journey to fundamental shifts in our lives is not about fixing anything. It is the journey of embracing all the parts of ourselves, the gold and the shadow.  It’s in re-discovering parts of ourselves which have always been there but might have been forgotten through the stress and pain of our lives.

We believe in the essential goodness of all humans—It’s the first of our 12 Foundational Principles.  We believe in the complementary nature of masculinity and femininity. We believe in embracing the idea of being versus doing, allowing versus forcing, interconnection versus separateness.   We work with men and with women, in spaces where they are supporting each other, and healing each other.

We’re different.  Our work is different.  

It’s based in the body, in scientifically-proven somatic principles that help people release the past and powerfully step into the present.  It’s based on the traditions of several different spiritual practices. And it’s based in the heart, and in the idea that this work is best done in community, where all of you can be seen, and where you can see others, falling in love with yourself and with humanity all over again.


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COR is made up of highly-skilled and well-trained facilitators and coaches who are change-makers in our community and in the world.  Meet our leadership team, learn more about private coaching with a member of our staff, and view information on the members of our advisory board who help to guide the company.


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COR offers online and in-person workshops that help you apply timeless archetypal principles to your daily life. Change your mind, inhabit your body, deepen your relationships, renew your heart.

Once I released the responsibility of my “together” and “polite’ image, I was free to express feelings that I’d been holding inside for decades. I touched a place inside of me that had been hurting for many, many years. I felt like every single cell in my body was alive, I was tingling, shaking with power, filled with grace, and overcome with emotion.  The sensuality, sexuality and intimacy returned and I now knew how to tap into it when I wanted. The gratitude I felt was almost overwhelming

Christine Hassler, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, & Coach, on attending COR Woman