Our weekends provide groundbreaking shifts and huge openings. In addition to the weekends, our clients often find that what is needed is more one-on-one consistent coaching support. To help provide this, many of our facilitators and leadership staff members have partnered with COR to offer special coaching packages for COR clients. Each of them are extraordinary coaches, skilled in the embodiment tools we use at COR as well as in their own specialty. They have diverse backgrounds and credentials. They each have been through COR’s Leadership Development Training and use COR’s philosophy and foundations as the basis for their coaching.
Read more about our coaches below, including their specialties and backgrounds, by clicking on their picture. Each of them offers a free discovery session if you would like to learn more about working one-on-one with them.
“Ongoing life coaching is one of the most powerful ways to usher in profound and lasting change in your day to day life after or even before our powerful rite of passage workshops. Our coaches will address concrete life issues, such as work and life purpose, relationships, sexuality, family, spirituality, creative expression and having fun, health and care of the body, and more. They can provide ongoing support paired with concrete daily steps, creating additional momentum and greatly increasing your opportunities for growth and change in your life.”
-Britta, COR Founder
Lead Facilitator & Transformational Mentor

Jessica Vignolle

Jessica is a COR Lead Facilitator with a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology. As a Transformational Mentor, she loves sharing the skills and tools she has collected over the past dozen years with others. She supports her clients in creating intimate and loving relationships that center around clear communication and authentic connection through exploring the recurring themes, patterns, and challenges they experience in their lives.

Jessica utilizes Somatic Inquiry, Gestalt, NLP, Inner Child Rescue, Parts Work, Person-Centered Approach, Psychosynthesis, Plant Medicines and many other approaches when working with clients.

Jessica loves adventure, travel, riding her bike, surfing, yoga, and raising her teenage son, Nainoa.

Schedule a free Discovery Session to discuss possible mentorship:


Relationship and Complex Trauma Coach

Aaron Steinberg

Aaron F. Steinberg, MA, PCC is a trauma-informed relationship coach and educator, trained through the Co-Active Training Institute, the NARM Institute, and the Gottman Institute. Predominantly, he’s worked in one-on-one and couples private practice since 2010. He’s also helped facilitate workshops for COR, created and delivered organizational wellness programs for a handful of Bay Area companies, and created and teaches a course for new parents called Babyproofing Your Relationship at a community non-profit in San Francisco. Before venturing into mental health and personal growth, Aaron was a professional poker player, and has since done performance coaching for some of the top players in the world.

Teen Empowerment Coach

Shandra James

Shandra is a former Oakland middle-school teacher turned full-time empowerment coach and COR facilitator. She works with teens ages 13-17 who struggle with self-acceptance, perfectionism, seeking attention from others, and deep sadness or anger. She also works with families who want to foster better relationships with their teenage children. She has a deep love of teenagers and loves helping them believe in themselves and foster positive habits early in life so that they can go on to deeply impact the world in positive ways.

She has a degree in psychology and education from UC Berkeley and currently lives in Oakland with her husband Nick and her cat Charlie.

Learn more about Shandra’s work and schedule a Discovery Call with her on her website,

Relationships and Intimacy Coach

Natalie Vartanian

Natalie Vartanian is a certified life coach, relationship expert, business strategist, writer, speaker, and workshop facilitator. Her biggest desire for people is freedom, acceptance, and full self-expression… with themselves, their relationships, and their work. Her expertise (read: fascination for over 20 years) is in intimacy, connection, communication, and sexuality. She also loves supporting people in connecting to their passion/purpose work and making it a reality. As a result, fostering businesses that make a difference in the world. Her work has been featured in elephant journal, YourTango, Forbes and Good Men Project. She is the host of the podcast, Taboo and Turn On, and previously co-hosted Sex the Podcast.

Intuition Development & Emotional Growth Coach for Men

Steven Kimmelman

Steven a counselor and coach working primarily with men and is a teacher of intuitive development. In his work with individuals, he focuses on core principles of emotional awareness and growth, truth-telling, compassion, and responsible communication. Within his diverse skill set, Steven loves helping clients develop their own skills of Active Listening, Non-Violent Communication, and self awareness via Personality Sub-Parts Work. Involved in personal growth work for more than three decades, he is currently developing an online life school for men called The Masculine Mystery School. In everything Steven does, there is compassion, respect, truth, and humor at the heart of it.

Steven is the father of two grown daughters. He splits his time between Northern California and Maui where his beloved lives. He hopes to bring COR to the island. When not facilitating workshops, he enjoys asking store clerks real questions that remind them of their humanity.

You can learn more about Steven’s work and schedule a discovery session with him via his website,



Dana Letchworth

Dana Letchworth is a facilitator, coach and Satellite Director for COR. She has been actively engaged as a leader and facilitator with COR since 2016, spearheading the launch of COR Florida and building it from the ground up. Dana has taken every opportunity to become adept in her field through her own practice as well as extensive training in group dynamics, meditation and spiritual counseling. She specializes in empowerment and connecting to the essential goodness of oneself, and is a loving, kind leader that believes all things can heal in love. In addition to facilitating at COR workshops, she leads a monthly women’s group, community events, and continues to build COR Florida into a flourishing COR community.

Dana lives in Lake Mary with her husband Josh of 20 years, who is also active in the COR curriculum. She is a mother to three amazing children.

To learn more about working with Dana, email her to set up a Discovery Call.

Life Coach

Bridgett Vadeboncoeur

Bridgett is a life coach, community leader, facilitator and satellite director for COR. She has been actively engaged as a leader and facilitator with COR since 2016, spearheading the launch of COR Florida and building it from the ground up while diving into her own healing journey and training as a facilitator. Bridgett enjoys the unique experience of leading a variety of gatherings in her yurt in the woods. Whether she is leading coed gatherings aimed to foster connection, teaching a yoga intensive or simply guiding an individual client in a mindfulness practice Bridgett is hungry to know the people she is with. A few adjectives used to commonly describe Bridgett are authentic, eager, and warm. 

Bridgett is wife to Tyler, also a COR facilitator, and a mother to two beautiful girls. She is a dedicated Ashtanga practitioner, 500RYT, world traveler and surfer. She lives nestled in the woods in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. 

To learn more about working with Bridgett, email her to set up a Discovery Call.

Anxiety & Inner Critic Coach

Rachel Sartori-Thomas

Rachel is Life Coach and Workshop Facilitator living in Phoenix, Arizona.  Building off her training through COR, she creates space to slow down, to be with what is, to tap into the innate intelligence that is in our bodies and to remember the truth of our goodness and enoughness.  This is space where we can begin to transform anxious and critic parts with compassion and love.  This is space to Exercise Your Soul.

You can learn more about Rachel’s work and book a Discovery Session with her on her website at

Life and Motherhood Coach

Ginny Zeppa

Ginny masterfully works with folks of all ages, life paths, and identities and specializes in the transformation of motherhood and parenthood. Her one-of-a-kind approach is based on a unique toolkit of personal growth and educational modalities acquired over fifteen years. Through advanced professional training in education, doula work, somatic psychology, parent education, transformational facilitation as well as her personal spiritual practice, Ginny lovingly and effectively guides her clients toward their deepest and truest expression. You can learn more about Ginny’s work and to schedule a Discovery Session with her on her website at