Episode 9: Body Scan Mindfulness Exercise

May 23, 2019

In this episode, Britta guides you through a complete body scan, using breathing and mindfulness.  Allow yourself to explore all of the sensations at work in each part of your body, and allow your breathing to flow freely throughout.  Follow along once, or daily to train your mind how to be present in each daily moment.

In this episode

  • Beginning with awareness of your breath and body.
  • Releasing yourself from thoughts of the past or future, and settling into the reality that is here and now.
  • Bringing awareness to the physical sensations of each individual part of your body.
  • Acknowledging when the mind has wandered away, and gently drawing it back to the present.
  • Being alive, aware, and present in your body.

Practice this body scan anytime you want or need more presence and mindfulness, especially if you’re feeling any kind of distress, and want to approach a situation in your life with more mindfulness.