Episode 10: Truth & Honesty, When It’s Time for a Change

May 23, 2019

In this episode, Britta leads Jen through a live-coaching session centered around truth and honesty, as it specifically relates to a new career path Jen wishes to take.  Though she knows her gifts and passions lie within a new career path, Jen struggles with self-doubt and worry that she will not succeed financially if she chooses this new way.  Listen as Britta guides her through a powerful visualization to understand where her doubts are stemming from, and how she can use painful past experiences to draw strength from, today and into the future.

In this episode

  • Being honest about desire for change, and the fears surrounding those desires.
  • Visualization exercise to explore where the negative thoughts are coming from, and speaking truth to our past self from our healthy self.
  • Learning how to approach change and fears from a place of power, drawing strength from ourselves, and our lineage that has come before us.

Is there an area in my life that is not quite in alignment with what I truly value and who I really am?