Episode 6: Self-Compassion, a Guided Meditation

May 23, 2019

In this episode, Britta will guide you through steps to relax your body through breathing and mindfulness, and find peace from any anxiety you may be holding within yourself.  Listen anytime you want or need self-compassion, especially when you are feeling distress.

In this episode

  • Allowing the body to rest in the gentle rhythm of breathing.
  • Becoming mindful of the good qualities of the heart, and letting them expand.
  • Becoming aware of something that is causing you distress, and sensing where it resides in your body.  Directing your breath toward that area.
  • Covering your distress with compassion, and finding a phrase of comfort to lean on.
  • Remembering we are not alone in the world, as all humans experience this distress.  Draw strength from humanity, and send good out into the world.

Wish happiness, healing, and wellness for yourself and all others who might be experiencing distress along with you.