Episode 19: The Qualities of Joy, Celebration, and Letting in the Good

May 23, 2019

In this live-coaching session, Britta listens as Derek shares his struggle of feeling like everything he is doing is not enough.  Rather than celebrating and giving himself credit when he accomplishes a task, he feels his survivor self holding him back from giving himself over to the goodness of the moment.  Listen along as Britta discusses something many of us struggle with, the need to keep doing and never resting in the goodness of what already has been done.  Learn practical ways to exercise the muscle of letting in the good, and how to forge new mental pathways. 

In this episode

  • Naming aloud the issue Derek is struggling with.
  • Thinking on things that have been accomplished, and then recognizing the inner harsh voices that tend to come alongside those memories.
  • Being guided to, again, remember a good moment and the sense of wonder and pride in accomplishing something beautiful.  This time when the voices return, practicing putting aside those negative thoughts, and redirecting his focus back to the good.  Opening to it, being covered in it.
  • Being challenged to exercise this “muscle” every day, for a short and manageable amount of time, in order to retrain the mind to regularly focus on and allow the good to come in.  Understanding the value this will have in our lives.

Do I stop and celebrate my accomplishments?  Do I regularly give myself a break and let in the good of the beautiful moments of my life?