Episode 18: Commitment Statement Development Practice

May 23, 2019

In this episode, Britta challenges listeners to tune into their present selves, and create a committment statement for a brief period of time, so that more of their true selves may be expressed in their lives.  This practice is an excellent way to step into the fullness of your values, and give you a tangible way to move through your transformational journey.  Grab a pen and paper, and be courageous as you embark on this practice.

In this episode

  • Tuning out the past and future, being present with yourself.
  • Britta explains what a commitment statement is, and how it can be beneficial in your life journey.
  • Framework for what this statement can look like.
  • Encouragement for how to build support around this goal, both by writing it down where you can see it, and allowing a friend in to help hold you to this commitment.

It requires courage, it won’t be easy, but when accomplished it will be good for you, and in integrity with your highest values.