Episode 17: Being Committed to What is True for You

May 23, 2019

In this episode, Britta gives Lena coaching on how to confidently stand beside her deepest values, and personal life choices, though it may often go against what the world values.  Lena explores her feelings of guilt that she may not be doing enough, and begins to understand the importance of simply being, rather than doing, although at times it may look like doing nothing at all.  Listen along, and ask yourself if you are living your life in accordance with your deepest values, or the the values of someone else.

In this episode

  • Lena names aloud her inner struggle of constantly feeling like she isn’t doing enough.
  • Listening to her inner voice, and discerning if it is stemming from her healthy or survivor self.
  • Presencing her body and mind, and asking herself what she truly loves, and what fills her up the most.
  • Speaking aloud the things she values, what she is choosing for herself, and why she is choosing those things.
Every choice means you say yes to something, and say no to something else.  That’s what choices are.

It is important to know what our core values are, and to commit to them.