Episode 15: Shake and Let it Go, a Guided Meditation

May 23, 2019

In this episode, Britta will guide you through an active, guided meditation that will bring you to a place of physical surrender and relaxation.  Through movement, and an exercise of tensing and tension-release, practicing this meditation will assist you in surrendering to whatever circumstances you encounter in life.  Practice once, or any time you want or need to let go of something or someone in your life.

In this episode

  • Beginning by standing, and physically shaking the body to loosen all the various joints and tense spots.
  • Moving to a lying down position, and focusing on breathing and stillness.
  • Moving around the body, tensing various parts, and then releasing that tension completely.
  • Allowing yourself to fully relax, and enjoy the sense of being completely free of tension.  Moving deeper into the practice of surrender and letting go.

Each time you do this meditation, your body will allow itself to let go a little deeper, and help you to surrender whatever the circumstances in your life.  You will more easily respond to them, rather than react to them.