Episode 14: Surrendering and Letting Go, More Being and Less Doing

May 23, 2019

In this episode, Britta walks Dani through a live-coaching session that centers on surrender and vulnerability.  Dani has become aware of her own need to lean into her femininity, rather than continue on in her normal take-charge identity.  Dani sees how this is a common thread through all the aspects of her life, specifically in her intimate relationship with her husband, and she longs for a change.  Listen as Britta helps her understand the root of her  perceptions of femininity and being vulnerable, and how she can break free of old habits, so that she may BE more and DO less.

In this episode

  • Naming our deepest desire, and being honest about current patterns.
  • Guided visualization of just being, receiving, and softening.
  • Understanding how judgements and perceptions are formed by a common “family survivor self.”
  • Being aware of all the areas of life that our patterns affect.
  • Learning how to exercise vulnerability, and change the deep-rooted patterns that we hold to, especially within the relationships that are closest to us.

What unconscious laws or ways of life or beliefs did your family carry, and do you still want to follow them now that you are an adult?

Allow yourself more time to slow down, play, and let go.
How can you create that for yourself?