Episode 11: Ask Me Anything – Truth and Honesty

May 23, 2019

In this episode, Britta answers questions from listeners about various situations regarding honesty and truthfulness.  She offers psychological insight and practical wisdom about how to approach difficult situations with compassion, yet with a braveness for speaking the truth.  Listen along and gain perspective about relatable, real-life situations we all face.

In this episode

  • Knowing when is or isn’t appropriate to speak truth to someone else.
  • How to trust someone in a close relationship who has a standing pattern of dishonesty.
  • Holding boundaries with family or friends, without sadness or fear.
  • Discerning what is really truth within ourselves, versus what is survival strategy, hurts from old wounds, etc.

It costs us more to be dishonest than it does to be honest.

Let nothing come out of your mouth unless it creates more truth in the world.