Episode 07: Facing the Inner Critic – An Initiation into Deeper Self-Love with Chrissy Brady-Smith

Jul 10, 2024

In today’s episode, Britta talks with one of COR’s former facilitators Chrissy Brady-Smith about the Inner Critic. Discover Chrissy’s profound journey of navigating this often shadowy realm, and her initiation into a much deeper level of self-love. Together, they unravel the complexities of self-love, the impact of childhood wounds and generational trauma, the intricacies of partnership, the joys and challenges of motherhood, all through Chrissy’s inspiring process of healing her Inner Critic. With wisdom nuggets from both ancient and modern teachings, and sprinkled with heartwarming anecdotes, Britta and Chrissy offer invaluable insights. Tune in to learn how Chrissy brings honesty, curiosity, compassion—and even humor—to her Inner Critic, transforming it from foe to ally. Don’t miss this episode filled with inspiration, effective healing techniques,  laughter, and life-changing revelations!

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About the Guest

Chrissy Brady-Smith is a life coach and Facilitator of Somatic Healing. She loves supporting people through major life transitions using ritual, embodiment practices, emotional expression, and play. Chrissy became a mother one year ago, and this rite of passage continues to teach her new lessons in love. 



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