Episode 05: Transforming Codependency/Anxious Attachment with Aaron Steinberg

Jun 3, 2024

In today’s episode, Britta talks with Aaron Steinberg about his initiation of transforming his enmeshment-tendencies (doing extreme things in order to stay close to a loved one), and how he and his wife grew in love – both with each other and as co-parents. We dig into his experience of Stage Three of the initiation process, the “Transformation Cauldron,” and how humility, curiosity, and sincerity helped him face himself after a very difficult wake up call. We gain deep insights into how his anxious attachment – and his partner’s avoidant attachment – challenges, when faced together with honesty and compassion, became portals into deeper levels of love, for himself, his children, and for the people he works with. Whether you are in a relationship or not, or are a parent or not, there are plenty of lessons in this episode that apply to everyone!

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About the Guest

Aaron Steinberg, MA, PCC is a relationship coach, group facilitator, and father of two young boys. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of a relationship support organization called Grow Together that provides education and coaching for parents. In addition to his MA in Integral Psychology, he has certificates in leadership development and sex education, is a NARM Complex and Developmental Trauma Practitioner, and is trained in couples therapy through the Gottman Institute, the Couples Institute, and the Relational Life Institute. He wrote a book to support couples with their communication called The Honesty Practice and is the co-author of a guide for managing roles and responsibilities and teamwork in parenthood called In It Together.


Want to discover how YOUR challenges can become your greatest gifts? Then get ready! We are about to set off on an exploration into the very heart of love, itself.