Aug 27 2020


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



Men’s Evening Workshop {Noble Man Online Circle}


How is your relationship with the women in your life? From your partner, to your sisters, aunts, colleagues, friends, even your mother – do you feel like you’re able to be yourself, all that you are, with these women?Men from all walks of life come to COR with statements like:”I feel undermined by my partner.”

“My mother still controls me, even though I’m 50 years old!”

“I’m really angry, and my wife can’t handle it. I scare her.”

“I spend all of my energy taking care of my family.”

This is only a sampling of the burdens that men carry, often silently. Sitting in a good men’s group or attending a men’s weekend (such as the excellent work MKP offers) is a way to begin to touch these burdens, and begin to make a change.

Yet there are some wounds that cannot be healed or changed in a men-only group: the wounds we’ve acquired from and with the women in our lives. Our mothers, sisters and partners do the best they can, yet the patterns and wounds that you’ve picked up in relationship with them are still there, and they’re hurting your current relationships.

Now it’s up to you: to unburden yourself, to take care of these wounds and truly create a change in your relationships with women.

So how do you begin to work with these wounds?

Gather as men, with women facilitating. Experience deep men’s work led and staffed by women. Learn to be your full self with women, and in front of women.
You will be appreciated, valued, respected, and even loved by these women, not for what you do, but for who you are … and you’ll work through specific processes to heal the wounds, to set down the burdens you’ve been carrying into every important relationship.

To get started, join the monthly Men’s Evening Workshop at COR – this is an opportunity to begin the work described above. It’s focused on process and practice, as opposed to simply sharing. It’s facilitated by women, which is what makes it different from a typical men’s group.

The Men’s Evening Workshop is a safe place to bring what you’ve been carrying, to stop doing it alone, and be met by good men. To look deeper at the challenges you’re facing and be met with understanding, acceptance and love.

You will also have an opportunity to get a taste of what transpires at a COR weekend {For more info about COR’s Men’s Immersion Weekend –}

This event is open to COR Alumni and the general public. (If you don’t identify as a man, please consider if there are men in your life who need this kind of support — if so, forward this email to them.)

Date: Thursday, August 27, 2020
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm Pacific / 9:00pm – 11:00pm Eastern
Fee: $15 per person
Space is limited so please RSVP for the Men’s Evening Workshop using this link:

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