Sep 20 - 24 2021


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Meditation as Divine Therapy: A FREE 5 Day Online Series with Britta Eskey

Join COR co-founder Britta Eskey for a free, 5-day online series to experience Mediation as Divine Therapy.

In the tides of change, there are timeless practices we can turn to … silent or contemplative meditation being one of them.

And not just to calm our minds, but also to heal our hearts. Through meditation, we consent to the presence and action of the Divine within, and allow any unhealed subconscious material to come forth into conscious awareness and into the light of love. There is an innate intelligence within us that knows what needs to be seen and met, so we can fully blossom into our most mature and healthy self.

For many of us, a consistent daily, silent meditation practice is a challenge, and therefore we don’t receive the amazing benefits it can bring to our minds AND hearts.

For others, our meditation practice might have became a bit stale or stagnant. We may simply need a boost of new inspiration to usher us into the next level of opening to Grace.

Wether we are just beginning our love affair with meditation or are long term meditators, more than ever before, there is a need to ground ourselves into the core of our being.

Real, deep, and unconditional Love is always waiting to take us further into its mystery, no matter who we are or what is going on around us.

The five essential qualities/or pillars of sincere dedication, trust, surrender, devotion, and courage help any of us access ever deeper levels of Grace to anchor us in what is unchanging and unshakeable.

Join Britta Eskey, co-founder of COR, as she leads you through this lovely free 5-day meditation series – great for beginners and veteran meditators alike!

What’s Included:

◇ 4x 25-35 min live guided meditations with Britta Eskey (with a brief teaching beforehand), hosted online via Zoom
◇ 1x 25-35 min recorded guided meditation with Britta Eskey, hosted online via Zoom and facilitated by a COR Leadership member
◇ Daily inspiration instructions on how to open to five of the pillars on the spiritual journey
◇ Support and guidance from COR co-founder Britta Eskey to help you open to Grace

Price: FREE 




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