Mar 27 - 29 2020


3:30 pm - 12:30 pm

Finding Sanctuary: A Personal Online Retreat

Many of us are feeling stuck, disconnected, unsafe, disoriented, confused. Without a place to turn or a way to feel calm or still within. And yet, what if this is an opportunity to actually be with what’s coming up inside yourself, and to surrender to something greater?

Do you sense the desire to find refuge and rejuvenation in your home?

Do you feel the call to be more deeply connected with Grace?

We get it. More than ever, we, just like you, want to be a force of love and truth in the world. To use this time intentionally and meaningfully. Just like you, we aspire to be an inspiration for our family and our community. Just like you, we get tired sometimes of showing up so much for everyone else.

We know what’s needed sometimes is a conscious time out to drink from the Source. To fill our tank and go on retreat.

So, how do we turn this precious time at home into a retreat and that very home into a sanctuary?

1. Honor and acknowledge all the fear, uncertainty, grief, and anger that is stirred at a time like this.
2. Clear a sacred physical and personal space that will be energetically and emotionally resourcing for you.
3. Hook into the Source of Strength, have a spiritual reset and connect with That Which Is Unchanging And Eternal in these uncertain times.
4. Create regular times where you can connect, resource, and receive.

This is why we are inviting you to join us for a two and a half day online spiritual retreat specially designed to help you connect to the Source of all Love, Truth and Goodness in these unprecedented, uncertain and challenging times.

Finding Sanctuary: An Online Retreat to Help you Move from Fear to Trust in a Time of Uncertainty

During this online retreat, we’ll offer you guidance, inspiration, and support. Let’s get back into a strong connection to Grace, in fact let’s get drenched in Grace, shall we? Let’s learn more about how to source strength and connect with Grace from anywhere, no matter what!


DATE: March 27-29
TIME: Friday 3 pm to Sunday 12:30 pm PT


Preparation Guide:
We’ll send you a guide to clearing your physical space, creating time where family supports and gives you space, and setting up your nourishing sanctuary at home.

At the Retreat:
* Intention Setting
* Teachings
* Emotional Release Support
* Meditations – Movement and Contemplative
* Holistic Inquiry Practice in Dyads
* Group Check-ins, Guidance, and Sharing
* Chanting
* Individual Work (with a few participants who volunteer to receive help on the most important issues you’re facing)
* Self-care Time with Specific Deepening and Self-nurturing Recommendations from us for the Morning/Afternoon Breaks
* Optional Evening Examen Prayer and Chant (This will be recorded for people in time zones other than PDT.)

Integration Guide:
We’ll send you a guide of how to continue to create the “Space for Grace” during your day to day life, and a nourishing sanctuary at home.

3:30 — 6:30pm PT (With Break)
8:00 — 9pm PT (Optional- Recorded)

9:30 — 12:30pm PT (With Break)
4:30 — 6:30pm PT
8:00 — 9pm PT (Optional- Recorded)

9:30am — 12:30pm PT (With Break)


We intentionally reduced the price to make the Sanctuary retreat affordable at this time. Our goal is to support our community, and connection with Grace across the world. If you cannot pay this price, send us a note with how much you can afford, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Any and all are welcome to this retreat … please do invite anyone you know that could use this contemplative and restorative opportunity.

Also please reach out if you would like more information. We hope to see you there!

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