Sep 18 2020


5:30 pm - 7:00 pm



COR Emotional Release Session

Are you experiencing a wide range of emotions considering the state of the nation? Has uncertainty and fear ramped up your nervous system? Are you feeling helpless and hopeless?

The uncertainty and stress of this nation-wide crisis we’re facing evokes in us waves of emotions of all sorts: Anxiety, fear, panic, frustration, anger, sadness, worries and grief, to name a few. We can’t move forward in healthy action without releasing our feelings.

At COR, we work a lot with the emotional aspect of our humanity. What we are seeing right now is that most of our survivor selfs are online, or even our scared, wounded selves. We forget the feelings except for protection. In neuro-scientific terms, the Amygdala in our limbic brain system hijacks our rational brain and keeps us on high emotional alert. If we’re not conscious, many of us then either repress these feelings, or we act them out in unhealthy ways.

We want to offer you a way to release some of these emotional tensions, through breath, movement and sound, similar to the emotional release processes we use at the COR workshops. We have the perfect opportunity for you to find face and feel those feelings in a safe sacred environment.

COR Co-Founder, Britta Eskey, will lead an Emotional Release Session on Friday, September 18th from 5:30-7:00PM PT via Zoom

Britta will be guiding you through an emotional release that gives you an opportunity to consciously honor your feelings and experience. This will complete with an integration meditation so you can experience more spaciousness and inner peace.

This offering is for COR Alumni and close friends, who are ready, willing and able to release emotionally.

The fee is $20 per person.

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