Apr 28 2020


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

COR Deepening in Self-Compassion Mini-Workshop

What are the quality of your thoughts these days? Are they ones of judgment or care? Are they filled with unanswerable questions or fears and anxiety? Do you feel like you are not doing enough right now to help? Is there guilt, embarrassment, shame? Or are you reminding yourself that you are doing your best and to take better care of yourself?

Because what if the very thing needed right now is love and compassion? Not only for others, for yourself too. It’s not a selfish act or one of luxury, but truly the path towards healing and reconnection.

Self Compassion, is not only a gift but is scientifically proven to calm the nervous system, build resilience, lessen anxiety and open our hearts to ourselves and others.

Britta and Lee, the co-founders of COR, would like to share the gift of Self Compassion with you!

In COR’s Self Compassion Workshop we will explore what compassion is and what it isn’t.

(Here’s a secret – if it fatigues you, it’s not compassion).

True compassion is healing, powerful, and rejuvenating! Rediscover how to direct compassion at yourself and how you, your family, and the people around you will benefit when you do.

Join us this Tuesday, April 28th, 4-6 pm Pacific Time

The usual price for this workshop (a co-presentation of Stanford University’s Compassion Institute and COR) is $75. We are offering it for $20.

Please complete payment via Venmo or Paypal any time prior to the start of session on Tuesday at 4:00pm PDT.

Venmo: @COR-Experience

To register for your spot and get workshop logistics, please go to:

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