Aug 14 2021


All Day

CCF 5K 2021 {COR Community Foundation Free Event}

It is time to gather in-person and remember what it feels like to be in community again!

The wait is over for in-person workshops to come back, so let’s celebrate that and each other with this COR Community event!

Join us for the first ever CCF (COR Community Foundation) 5K!

Should you choose to join the fun, and we do hope you do, YOU get to choose your 5K adventure! This means either meeting up with a COR alumni or creating your very own team. You decide if you will be walking, running, hiking, rollerblader or even cycling. Truly, choose your adventure!

We ask that you complete your 5K and are settled back in at home (or anywhere where you can access Zoom) by 1pm PT or 4PM ET for a Zoom Celebration!

Once you sign up we will send you more information and details about the Zoom CCF5K2021 Celebration along with any existing gatherings in your community!

Date: Saturday, August 14, 2021 – Zoom Celebration 1pm PT / 4pm ET


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