Oct 28 2020 - Dec 16 2020


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

The Brave Heart: An 8 Week Compassion Cultivation Training

There IS a lot happening in the world right now, and the ability to not get ruffled by events, but to tap into the best versions of ourselves is crucial, as well as the path of least resistance. Compassion is the key. It may feel counterintuitive when we feel overwhelmed, but courageously practicing compassion brings clarity, emotional resilience and an ability to deeply listen.

We get that sometimes it’s just hard to make it through a day without reacting to everything that is happening around us. Or to feel like we have no time and no patience. We act and react, often in ways that we realize later weren’t *really* the best version of ourselves showing up.

Yet, like anything, it is a process. A muscle to be exercised. To get stronger, more resilient. But without having to sacrifice love and kindness during the process by building defenses. And two hours a week for eight weeks is a small time investment considering the rewards of peace and resolve you will feel as a result.

This process of cultivating compassion involves training our own minds, developing specific skills in how we relate to others and ourselves, and intentionally choosing compassionate thoughts and actions consistently. We become less affected and impacted and more able to be that best version of ourselves – and by choice.

Program starts October 28 – Wednesdays from 5-7pm PT – until December 16.

Early bird discount of $100 available until October 21st.

We are also offering scholarships through our COR Community Foundation. Scholarship Application deadline is October 18th. To apply for a Scholarship, go to

To learn more about Brave Heart and register, go to

(Registration closes October 27th. Please sign up ASAP as spaces are limited.) 

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