Apr 26 2025 - May 01 2025


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Advanced Leadership & Facilitation Training 2025-2026

In the Advanced Leadership & Facilitation Training (ALFT), you’ll build upon the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired in previous trainings to master your facilitation skills and gain knowledge of advanced-level tools. You’ll step into the next level of your personal leadership.

ALFT is an eleven-month program. You must attend each of the three in-person modules to participate. In addition to the in-person modules, there are also monthly trainings held via video, a thirty-minute one-on-one monthly private coaching call with Britta or Lee (this is the only training program where this is offered!), and suggested calls to practice your leadership skills and to receive and give support with an accountability buddy. The ALFT culminates in a project designed to take your facilitation and leadership further into the world.

Who Is ALFT For?

The ALFT is designed for members of our community who:

  • Have completed LDT and want advanced training in group and one-on-one facilitation
  • Desire to learn more advanced tools in skillfully assisting people in their healing and transformation
  • Are looking for the perfect opportunity to launch their next phase or project as a transformational facilitator
  • Want to deepen their journey as a facilitator and further develop and master the empowering, lifelong habits you learned at the LDT
  • Are a professional life coach, business consultant, manager, minister, therapist, specialty counselor or teacher—or are looking to become one of the above—and want to integrate the COR facilitation skills into their work and earn money making a difference in the lives of others

The Three Pillars are the foundation of the ALFT curriculum. They are:

  1. Group & Individual Facilitation: Including COR’s exclusive Individual Facilitation Map which distills four decades of facilitation experience
  2. Leading from Body & Voice: Development of your individual voice and expression from an empowered somatic perspective
  3. Into the Deep: Furthering your spiritual development

Some of the NEW techniques you’ll learn include:

  • COR’s very own Individual Work Facilitation Map that includes many detailed processes, and instructions on when, how and why to use each of the processes
  • Family Constellations as used in COR individual and group process work
  • Leading a Horseshoe
  • The Four Voices of Discernment method of decision-making and setting life priorities
  • Framing, Intro/Echo-ing, Completing and Transitioning different Group Processes
  • Voice and Speech Development
  • Parts Work
  • Working with Resistance
  • Balance of Directive and Non-Directive facilitation
  • Global Listening and Facilitating People from Diverse Backgrounds
  • Compassion Cultivation and Ego Relaxation
  • and more….

Additionally, you’ll go deeper with:

  • Presence and Mindfulness 
  • Spiritual Development and the different aspects of Grace
  • The Human Condition and the three Selves
  • Advanced Sharing Circles 
  • Somatic and Emotional Healing
  • Holistic Inquiry 
  • And more…..

Program Highlights

  • Monthly Group Video Teaching Conferences which focus on deepening the ALFT teachings, and supervised practicing of the ALFT skills
  • 3 amazing training workshop modules
  • A private monthly coaching session with Lee or Britta (ALFT is the ONLY training program where this is offered!)
  • The deepest, most cutting-edge, fun, and advanced hands-on facilitator training you could possibly get!

In-Person Module Schedule

  • April 26 – May 1, 2025
  • September 13–18, 2025
  • January 15–18, 2026

Monthly Group Video Teaching Call Schedule

  • May 20, 2025
  • June 17, 2025
  • July 15, 2025
  • August 19, 2025
  • *September 30, 2025
  • October 21, 2025
  • November 18, 2025
  • December 16, 2025
  • February 17, 2026
  • March 17, 2026

NOTE: This is an eleven-month program, beginning April 2025 and ending in March 2026. Please see above for the module schedule.

If you’ve finished LDT and are called to continue your journey with advanced leadership and facilitation training, we invite you to join us.



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